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5 ideal alarm clocks to buy from Amazon for a gentle wakeup

The way your alarm wakes you up is the most disturbing thing that can take a toll on your mood for the whole day long. The alarm clock with its unbearable noise in the morning can make you feel terrorized while you are in deep sleep and can make you more annoyed and irritated if you do not find a good alternative to this most stressful thing ever. When finding the best alternative seems like a hassle to you, you don’t have to get panic as Amazon is here to offer you the gentlest alarm clocks that give stress-free wakefulness after the night-long deep sleep. With the light and pleasant alarm tones, these alarm clocks are best for waking you up gradually.

We have listed some of the stress-free alarm clocks that you can buy from Amazon that have offered a good experience to people.

Lumie light alarm clock with sunset and sunrise simulation


With this alarm clock, you can adjust the duration of sunrise and sunset for your waking up and sleeping experience. With the mixed LEDs into this alarm clock model, this alarm clock creates a realistic sunset and sunrise impression.

In this alarm clock, you can also adjust the intensity of light for waking up and falling asleep. You can also choose among the 10 sounds of the alarm clock which suits you best. The best thing about this alarm clock is that the display of the clock adjusts itself according to the light of the room when there is light or dark. You can also choose to turn on the display with its special low option.

Philips light alarm clock with sunrise simulation for a natural wake up


What is better than waking up all naturally with the rays of the sun that are coming naturally into your bedroom early in the morning? Waking up early in the morning before the sunrise can make people experience the most beautiful scenes of nature.

If you are really fond of buying something that can produce real sunlight stimulation in your bedroom, then this alarm clock is exactly what you need in your bedroom. The 5 different sounds, 20 customized brightness control, and radio are what will create the best atmosphere you need for waking up early. You can easily put the alarm to snooze by tapping the clock if you don’t want to wake up yet. Along with its gentle waking up ability, the sunset stimulation can also help you sleep faster in the evening.

I-box radio alarm clock that can charge the device and wake one up with their favorite music


This alarm has the feature of setting two different wake-up times that are very useful for waking one up on time. With the LED display of this alarm clock, you can adjust from 5 levels of brightness that go best according to the light of your room. This alarm clock also features a built-in wireless charging pad that can help you in charging your device without letting you get up away from the bed. The soft touch of the alarm clock helps you in easy operating of the alarm clock. You can either switch to the radio or connect your phone with the Bluetooth feature for listening to the music at a loud volume.

I-code sleep training alarm with soothing sounds for kids


This alarm clock has come to your rescue if you have a difficult time making your child’s bed. This clock with the sun and moon icons will let your kids know when it is time for them to sleep and when it is time for wake-up.

You can make a pleasant ambiance for your kid’s bedroom by choosing the customized options for color, sound volume, and brightness. With the 17 options for soothing natural sounds, you can pick which your child likes the most.

NOKLEAD travel size alarm clock with the built-in weekend mode


If you want your alarm to wake you up continuously without setting the time individually for each day, you can just press the weekend mode button that will ensure your sound and stress-free sleep on the weekends. With two levels of volume and backlight, you can choose what goes best according to your need.

The display of the clock shows both 24 hours and 12 hours format. You can put the alarm to snooze for 9 minutes by simply tapping the top of the alarm. The small size of this clock is perfect for traveling purposes.