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8 unexpected facts of our favorite characters that will actually you question if it’s really true or not?

Some characters in movies and literature are already known to everyone before they hit the big screen. However, there still exist some facts that people are not aware of. It happens because we focus on remembering the incorrect details more importantly, while the other details transform into creating something on a big screen. Therefore, characters’ age, their name meanings, and other things transform into amusing discoveries that nobody is already aware of.

We have compiled a list of the details of your favorite characters that you didn’t know before.

1. Snow white left her home when she was at the age of 7

http://© Snow White and the Huntsman / Universal Pictures

Snow White is the youngest princess in Disney’s show. Her age is 14 years old. Whereas in the fairytale version, she was only 7 when she had to leave her home because of her evil stepmother. After 10 years, the queen finds out that she is alive which means that Snow White was shown at a very young age on the screen.

2. Mulan was not denounced by anyone

http://© Mulan / Walt Disney Animation Studios

In the real version, Mulan was not denounced by her friends. She completed her army service after 12 years and after leaving her service she invited her friends to her place. She appeared to look in a true look that time.

3. The name Aslan was used for lion

http://© The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe / Walt Disney Studios

Some character’s name from a series of books called The Chronicles of Narnia have actually their name meaning. The main character of Aslan was named after a lion which was also added to the Turkish word Aslan, meaning lion.

4. Winnie-the-Pooh could be a girl

http://© Christopher Robin / Walt Disney Studios

The book version of the teddy bear had a chance of being a girl. The stuffed model was named after the Authors son called Alan Milne. However, in the literature version, the author himself calls the bear with “he” which instantly eliminates all questions about gender.

5. The name “Desdemona” means “unfortunate”

http://© Othello / Warner Bros.

William Shakespeare’s famous play Othello was based on an Italian author namely Giraldi Cinthio. In the literature version, no character was being named despite Desdemona. The meaning of the female character Desdemona is “unfortunate” or “ill-fated” from Greek. However, it shows what her husband would perceive about this poor lady.

6. The name Wendy was created by a writer

http://© Peter Pan / Universal Pictures

James Barrie creates a new female name “Wendy” while he was writing Peter Pan. He was inspired by his childhood friend Margaret Henley who used to mispronounce the words she when was young. After the release of this play and book, many parents have started naming their daughters Wendy.

7. Lord Voldemort is not actually young as he appears to be

http://© Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince / Warner. Bros

The famous Lord Voldemort was at the age of 71 by the time the story ended. He wasn’t actually young as he appears to be in it. The wizard was protected so well after his battle with Lily Potter. Some parts of his spirit were kept in the Horcruxes as long as the magician would come back to the mortal after 13 years.

8. The name Gandalf has a meaning

http://© The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring / Warner. Bros

The real name of the wizard was Olorin. He became Gandalf soon after he arrived in the Middle East. This word was taken from the ancient Scandinavian language. The name consists of two parts: gandr and alfr. It is pronounced as Staff-elf.