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Take note of the weight loss tips shared by 7 famous celebrities

Achieving weight loss goals is a dream of every person out there. People are doing whatever it takes to lower their body weight even if it takes skipping their favorite cookies. From spending hours in the gym doing workouts to skipping meals enriched with calories, people are opting for the different weight loss regimes to make themselves look perfect and the best. The weight loss journey for the celebrities is same as it is for normal people. They also had to go through the same effort and struggle that normal person is trying their best to do.

Talesation has shared the list of celebrities who got back into shape after achieving their fitness goals.

Christina Aguilera

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The famous singer and actress Christina Aguilera took a pause from her professional career and lead a very healthier lifestyle. After spending her entire time period in the entertainment industry, she finally got a chance to take a break from her career to spend her time with her son and do little things that could make her happy. She shared that taking a break from her career helped her experience real life. Moreover, she also shared that being an artist is very hard to not be an artist and not be a mom for a while.

Melissa Joan Hart

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The actress shared that since she gave birth to her child, she has lost her weight to 2 dress sizes. The actress shared that Mark Wilkerson, the husband of Melissa has helped his wife quite a lot in losing the weight and getting her back into shape. She also shared that her husband has always been very supportive throughout her weight loss journey and helped her very well in getting into better shape.



Everyone’s favorite music artist Adele became the headline of the news after she had revealed her incredible weight loss journey. The singer shared that she is not really fond of taking diets but all of this effort is a result of the exercise. She shared that she has different exercise routines for the morning and evening. She had not done intermittent fasting at all. As she was following a very tough workout routine, she ate more than she used to do prior to all this.

Khloe Kardashian

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The star of the show based on reality, Khloe Kardashian revealed that after ending her relationship with Lamar Odom, it encouraged her to look the best by getting back into shape. The reality show star shared that breaking up with Lamar was really so much difficult and such a drama that she needed to come out of this. Doing all this was very hard at the beginning but the situation improved. She further shared that beginning of this ending was really so exhaustive that it made her feel sore and fat. If you continue dealing with the situation in this manner, you will never get over it.

Kirstie Alley

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Everyone’s favorite Kirstie Alley, the known character of Veronica’s Closet had gained a lot of weight in quite a very few time period. The actress shared that she spent her entire life being slim and smart but then in one summer, she gained 40 to 40 pounds weight all of a sudden. She had no idea how fast she put on weight. Kirstie shared on her Twitter that eating healthy food and dancing has really helped her a lot in losing weight. No had gone through anything like lasers, surgery, starving, just the natural healthy food and dance had helped her lose her weight.

Kelly Osbourne


Kelly Osbourne became famous for her role in Drop Dead Diva. The actress shared that she had a very hard time struggling with her body weight. Entire her life, she was bullied by being called fat and ugly which made her sad and broken and affected her self-esteem. The actress shared that her partner, Louis van Amstel of Dancing with the Stars has helped her lose her weight. He supported her really well and guided me to take a high-protein and low-carb diet which will keep her energy up. The actress shared that the diet and exercise really worked wonders in losing weight.

Melissa McCarthy

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The award-winning actress, Melissa McCarthy shared that the time period in which was overweight was very difficult for her and she always had to go through the hassle of finding the designer that could help her in dressing her for the red carpet event. When everything was going with such a hassle, the actress thought about losing weight. She shared that she stopped worrying about her weight and that actually helped her a lot in achieving her weight loss goals.