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8 photos that showed the transformation of fashion models with time

The fashion industry is an industry where fashion trends constantly changed with time. There is nothing surprising to know that the fashion models had to adapt themselves according to the changing trends. The fashion industry which was once used to consider a low-paid job is now turned into a multi-dollar industry where the models are making rapid success. From live mannequins to supermodels and fashion dolls of ancient times, this article features the history of the beginning of fashion modeling.

Talesation is here to let you take a look back into the history of modeling which were used to be very important at that time.

  1. The 40’s was the emerging time period of the big names of fashion models
http://© vamuseum/Instagram, © Railway Express Agency/Wikimedia Commons, © CC0 1.0, © George Eastman House/Wikimedia Commons, © CC0 1.0

Lisa Fonssagrives was the Swedish fashion model who was recognized as the first supermodel whose modeling career started in the 40s.

2. The waif look, the famous trend of the mid-’90s

http://© Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Kate Moss was used to be the most demanding model on the runway. She was also famous for commercial modeling due to her healthier model looks like Tyra Bank and Heidi Klum.

3. NYC first modeling agency in 1923

 In 1920, everyone was very well familiar with the word model which became ubiquitous. The department stores all around the US and Europe became the home to live models doing the fashion parades.

4. Modeling as a profitable career in the ’50s

http://© Everett Collection/Everett Collection/East News

 In the 50s, modeling became the most profitable career for all the beautiful women around the world. Suzy Parker, the American model became among the most famous models that signed contracts with well-known cosmetic brands and took part in different fashion shows.

5. Runways transformed into the mini theaters in the 80s and 90s with the sound and light effects

The 90s was the golden time for all the supermodels. Before becoming fashion models, the models were more interested in becoming successful businesswomen by coming up with their own line of products like perfumes, calendars, and posters. Now the models are becoming the new face in the media who are seen in music videos and all other media frequently.

6. Doll-like models became highly demanding in the late 2000s

http://© Jesse Gross/Wikimedia Commons, © CC BY-SA 3.0

Late in the year the 2000s, models that looked like dolls became mostly demanding. Lily Cole and Gemma Ward were among the top priority of editorial clients.

7. Over the last years, plus-size models started doing modeling

http://© ashleygraham/Instagram, © taralynn/Instagram, © jojacalled/Instagram

The modeling industry is now an industry which is now an industry for every type of woman of all shapes and sizes who is contributing well to the industry and making huge success.

8. A more diversity on the runway since 2010

The beginning of 2010 was the time where the fashion industry witnessed a huge diversity more than ever before.

Bonus: the fashion industry seems to be incomplete without fashion magazines.

http://© Vogue Magazine/Wikimedia Commons, © CC0 1.0, © FIDM Museum/Facebook

Late 1800 was the beginning of fashion magazines which started publishing on the regular basis. In the US, Harper’s Bazar is the oldest fashion magazine and Vogue is the second oldest magazine.