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7 famous people who changed haircuts affected their careers

Some celebrities are recognized for the hairstyles they make and the hair colors they have. Imagining Emma Watson or Amy Adams without the redhead is so hard. Hair plays an important role in building the personality of a person, that is the reason that it can make an influence on the career and professional achievement of celebrities.

We at Talesation have featured the list of celebrities whose lives changed after paying a visit to the hairstylists.

Leighton Meester

The Gossip Girl creator Leighton Meester shared that she gave the audition with her light-colored hair. But then a blonde-headed girl Blake Lively was already set to cast for the role. For fulfilling the role of the character, she was asked to dye her light hair brown. Agreeing to the demand made her famous among the people and helped her get the different roles of the projects.

Emma Stone

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Emma Stone used to have blonde hair. Before starting on her comedy project Superbad, she dyed her blonde hair into the red. The film’s producer persuaded the actress to change her hair color for the role. This changing of the hair color proved to be a very good decision on her part. The red hair color got everyone’s attention that became her true star. She had also received an Oscar.

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry is a part of the band Blondie and was a very famous songwriter and singer. Before becoming part of the band, the singer used to be a secretary and a waitress, and also a dancer. Right after that, she became part of the Blondie band and changed her hair color. Her talent and beauty made her among the most famous singers.

Reese Witherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon used to have naturally dark brown hair before she became the iconic celebrity with blonde hair. She covered major roles in her movies with her natural hair. Later, she decided to change her natural hair color and this decision proved to be the very best that made her famous.

Cynthia Nixon

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To get the role in Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixon dyed her natural blonde hair into the red. As the producer of the film didn’t want most of the roles in the blonde-headed, so the film producer asked Cynthia to change her hair color to stand out among the others. The actor agreed on changing her hair color which made her famous among all the other roles.

Amy Adams

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Amy Adams shared that changing her hair color from light to red increased the chances for her to get more roles in the projects. She was only recognized as the character of silly girls when she had black hair but when she changed her hair color into red, people’s perception regarding the actor was changed as they started seeing her as the funniest woman. This change of perception about the actor made her very strong and powerful.

Gwen Stefani

The famous singer Gwen Stefani shared that the idea of changing her hair color had a great impact on her life. At the beginning of her singing career, she used to be a brunette which later she turned blonde. The singer shared that when she and her boyfriend ended their relationship, she didn’t care about anything and got her hair bleached that changing everything.