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Fashion model exposed the reality behind the model’s slim faces and fat suits of slim models

Different models revealed different stories from their work experience while working for the photoshoots and other shows which is quite very shocking to know. The struggle of being a model is super stressing which includes everything from following diets to maintaining their body shape to even forcefully getting plastic surgery. All of this is not just extremely unhealthy for them but is also changing the minds of people in terms of creating an urge in them to look exactly like the supermodels to achieve beauty standards.

People became very sick of models and wanted the models to wear clothes for them to be represented as beauty standards. This seems to be a very positive change when the plus-size models are seen coming into the modeling industry but at the same time, there is a lot of criticism too.

TikTok’s audience became speechless after watching the plus-size models at their feed that was hired to do modeling by wearing fat suits who were quite very small for that.

A model revealed the secret behind the plus-size photoshoots on TikTok

http://Image credits: redkaroline

Ronja Quinn, a TikTok model with the redkaroline username on Instagram has been in the modeling industry for 10 years. The model is recognized as both the plus-size model and standard size model. Apart from being a model, she is also a student of Biotechnology and chemistry.

Talesation approached the model and asked her to share her experience from being a standard size model to a plus-size model. The model shared her experience about how much the modeling industry has undergone a change during her time there.

The model shared that when she entered the modeling industry 10 years back then, the model industry was not open to models of different sizes and ethnicities. The modeling industry is progressing slowly but she is happy that the industry is taking a step forward. The huge difference that she has seen being a plus-size model is that there was no pressure of getting a slimmer body anymore.

http://Image credits: coolquinn

All the videos on the model’s TikTok were not only related to the modeling but it was just a few of them that give an insight into the modeling industry. Out of all her videos on her TikTok platform, one of the videos revealed the truth that most people did not know.

Everyone knows that most of the models are not naturally perfect but are made to be perfect through editing. We are also well aware of the fact that the models had to get their faces and bodies retouched before getting the shoots done before it reaches the audience.

Ronja Quinn is now a plus-size model but the plus size clothing does not fit her perfectly as it is too large for her

http://Image credits: coolquinn

She shared that she is not surprised that the shoots for the plus-size model have gone through any editing. It is quite a weird fact that the plus-size models are ought to represent natural beauty where in reality, it is not natural.

The model shared that being a plus-size model she has to wear clothes whose size starts from 44. As her size is quite smaller, the plus size clothes are quite big for her. Moreover, she also shared that this is not the case for every brand as most of the plus-size brands do not fake the fat bodies of models.

Brands create the illusion of models with bigger bodies with padding while the neck and face still remains still

http://Image credits: coolquinn

To fit the plus-size clothing for models, models are asked to wear fat suits or put on padding to look exactly like plus-size models. Sometimes the padding does not become enough to look fat so the clothes are usually pinned from the back.

http://Image credits: coolquinn

Ronja Quinn shared that the fat suits make her look fat but her face and neck still remain slim which does not seem real. Most of the time, she turned down the shots when she was asked to change her body.

Bringing padding to work is quite normal for the plus-size models

http://Image credits: coolquinn
http://Image credits: coolquinn

The model shared that to make the model actually look like a plus-size model, the brands need to hire real models who are actually plus size and who wears the clothing according to their size. The brands also need to change their designs. At the end of the video, the model expresses that being a plus-size model was not so horrifying. The model was also asked about why the big size models are not considered on which she told most of the designers are also not plus-sized which is why they are unable to understand the needs of the market.

Ronja Quin shares that the brands should hire real plus-size models

http://Image credits: coolquinn
http://Image credits: coolquinn

Comments on her video were quite shocking and also made people sad which made them realize that this is quite damaging for the minds of the people who cannot compare themselves to the models. It makes them think like they need to look like this to be this kind of pretty.

Many people were surprised to know the truth and shared the tricks