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Hooters Backtracks After Employees Go Viral For Complaining About ‘Disturbing’ And ‘Sexist’ New Uniforms

Many people say that clothes reflect your personality about how disciplined and sophisticated you are. It shows the true colours of your dynamic personality. But sometimes there is a specific system where people have to follow a specific code.

You wear uniforms at schools and certain professions require you to wear uniforms. However, in offices, you need to dress up formally to look presentable. Wearing uniforms in the service industry is for representative purposes. A company like hooters only knows about earning more through women bodies.

Recently, hooters changed their employee’s uniforms and they are not satisfied, therefore, the company made it optional for them

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Hooters is a popular restaurant chain that opened in the United States in 1983. The restaurant is famous for the hooters girls. They call their waitresses “Hottie the owl” and its logo is printed on their white tank tops along with revealing shorts.

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Many Hooters girls were showing their new uniform on TikTok and their videos are getting viral

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Many girls working in Hooters also complained about the uniform and got so much attention that the company has to reconsider their decision and made it optional for them to wear the shorts.

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One of the TikToker namely Lexi talks about the situation from an insider perspective. The TikTok was graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. She told that she waited for such a huge time to be a Hooter girl since she was in high school.

Lexi told that she only felt uncomfortable with her uniform when families with their children comes in. Otherwise, she was comfortable wearing it.

Many girls didn’t like the idea of the new uniform wearing underwear to work

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Hooters image policy states that they will continue to upgrade the impression of hooters girls. The girls have the option to choose what they want to wear according to their body style and personal image. Furthermore, the changes in the uniform were done with the collaboration of employees in Texas.

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Fortunately, the company didn’t make the uniform mandatory as they made it optional to wear whoever feels comfortable

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Some girls were happy with the uniform and said it has significantly helped them to earn more.

Hooters always got criticism for their revealing uniforms but this time they crossed their lines

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Hooters have always been in the limelight for the controversy regarding their Hooters girls image. Their employee in 2010 also filed a case against the company. Hooters denied all the accusations and settled the dispute out of court.

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People were showing their sympathies towards Hooters girls and said that the girls cant be forced to wear underwear for their work

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