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The airline came up with the new comfort uniform by changing the heels and skirts

People who have never traveled by air do not know how the air hostess looks like. The perception we have in our minds about their personality is all that we have seen in photos, movies, and social media. They are always seen wearing a two-piece uniform with a short pencil skirt, tight blazer, and heels. Also, some tie scarves around their neck and take the pilot cap while performing their duty.

The uniform of the flight attendants has always been criticized for looking uncomfortable, painful, and sexualizing. Wearing such type of uniform is not a good option for wearing in the planes as this little too exposing uniform can become an obstacle in the case of an emergency.

SkyUp, a Ukrainian airline took a step ahead and came up with the idea of changing the uniforms of the flight attendants by replacing heels with sneakers and pencil skirts with loose pants.

Ukrainian airline SkyUp changed its flight attendant uniform from pencil skirt and heels to pants and sneakers

Being a flight attendant is among the most difficult jobs to do. Being stable on your feet in the air on a kind of unstable surface for long hours flight is the toughest thing to do. Flight attendants need to show their extra bravery for handling the emergency situation by following the safety protocols. Handling all these kinds of situations is difficult to manage to wear a pencil skirt and high heels which will make the situation more stressful. But unfortunately, this is a reality.

SkyUp is a huge airline company that took the step towards changing the uncomfortable flight attendant’s uniform

In the news release of July, the airline company SkyUp introduced the change of the uniform which had a symbolic meaning associated with it. The bold, bright color of the uniform symbolizes the activeness along with style in a balanced manner. This change of uniform is for those flight attendants who are always ready to take up new challenges and loves traveling.

The new uniform code for the flight attendant includes a bright-colored orange blazer, high-waisted loose pants, Nike sneakers, and the scarf that needs to be pinned on the right shoulder

All the passengers on the flight will see a new change in the uniform from October 22, 2021. This is a uniform which is designed by a Ukrainian fashion designer. The GUDU designed the bright orange-colored uniform which is the main color of the SkyUp airline. The silk scarf for the uniform was designed by the GUNIA project which is very symbolic to flight attendants.

The uniform is loosely fitted with the loose-fit blazer and loose-fit pants with Nike air max 720 sneakers which are really very comfortable. Other than making the tight hair buns, the flight attendants were asked to make any other hairstyle.

The new uniform symbolizes active movement and is for active flight attendants. The new uniform has faded the sexualized image of the flight attendants

The marketing department head, Marianna Grigorash shared that the time has changed as well as women have changed. Now a more modern and comfortable image of the flight attendants will be perceived.

The flight attendant’s new uniform will change on October 22, 2021, and the chances about the change of the men’s uniform also exist

The flight attendants must wear makeup and keep up their hairstyles. The head of the marketing department shared that the female attendants don’t want themselves to be perceived as playful and sexualized.

People have shared positive remarks on the new uniform of the flight attendants and are happy that they cared for their female staff. Nobody ever thought that this new uniform will end up being so stylish.

People loved the idea of the change of uniform of the flight attendants which is very comfortable but there were people too who didn’t like the new uniform design