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7 Amazing facts proved by science about left-handed people

According to research, the world has about ten to twelve per cent left-handed people. Left-handed people tend to have higher health risks than right-handed people. People doing activities with left hands were considered very strange and evil also. However, the time has been changed fortunately and people have discovered plenty of pretty cool facts about the left hand and the topic has become more interesting.

Here are 7 fun facts about left-handed people that you probably didn’t know before. 

1.10% of the population is left-handed

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According to the study in April 2020, there are only 10% of people are left-handed. The percentage varies according to the region and lies as high as 18% only. This characteristic is still considered to be linked with the concept of ancient times as evil or sinister. People try to prevent their children from adopting this from an early age.

2. Left-handed people are more competitive

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A curious study has been revealed that left-handed people are more competitive in terms of physical activities. The reason is that right-handed people do not have to deal with the challenges.

However, lefties have to deal with such activities that are specifically designed for right-handed people. Lefties have to deal with the opposite hand which allows them to open their field of action. Thus, lefties get an advantage over right-handed people.

3. It’s in the genes to be left-handed

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Being left or right-handed is completely a matter of genetics. Considering the fact, the child can be born with the characteristic if one of its parents is left-handed. However, the matter is completely not about genetics it also relies upon environment and stimuli during the pregnancy period that makes the possibility of being left-handed.

4. Men are found more than women to be left-handed

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The world consists of the majority of right-handed people while the minority are left-handed people. However, men are found more in ratio than women. It has been discovered that 12% of the men become left-handed, while there is a probability of 10% in women. The remaining 2% does not have relevant.

Its good example is found in the United Kingdom in which among the total population, 8.6% of women are left-handed while men are 10.6%

5. Majority of the kangaroos are left-handed

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A study has discovered that Kangaroos are born left-handed. This study was revealed by Russian scientists who studied different breeds of kangaroos. 

6. Majority of the left-handed people are found in the Netherlands

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As we know that only 10% of the world consists of left-handed people. However, the ratio is not the same everywhere. As per the states, the netherlands consists of the highest prevalences of left-handed people with 13.23%. However, the United States isn’t behind and follows them with a percentage of 13.1.

Whereas, Japan and China have the fewest rate of people with the left-hand characteristic with the population of 4.70% and 3.50% respectively.

7. Most pets are left-handed

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Apart from kangaroos, most pets also tend to be left-handed. Most male dogs are left-handed as compared to female dogs. Whereas, female cats are more right-handed than male cats. A study has discovered that 63% of the dogs prefer using only one paw but it’s not clear which side do they use.