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7 tips on how to stop doing things that can damage your looks

No matter whether we have focused our interests on the fashion industry or not, our physical appearances create a great deal of difference and make a great impact on how we are perceived. According to 50% of people shared that the way they are perceived by people reflects their identity. When appearance is directly related to identity, people should put attention to details into things that don’t make them feel comfortable on their own.

Talesation has shared tips and secrets on how to look perfect every day by avoiding doing things that can spoil your overall looks completely. Make sure you are following these tips now to start looking good from today.

1. Don’t match your foundation shade with your neck complexion

You are not only the one who feels a difference in the complexion of their face and neck. Everyone who spends quality time doing makeup is surely well aware of this.

Before making the purchase for the foundations that match exactly to your face complexion, make sure to do a swatch test on the neck, chest, jaw, and center of the face. While applying the foundation, blend it well from the face to the neck to create an even complexion.

2. Avoid wearing the wrong colors

The most common mistake that people mostly do is the choice of the wrong colors for their outfits. The bright-colored outfits that look perfect on your friends might not look good on you too.

There is nothing bad in trying out different colors for the outfits and narrowing down the choice for the one that suits you.

3. Consider the length of your trouser

Wide-leg and flared pants are very much in the fashion now but if you are someone whose love for skinny jeans is never going to fade away then consider the length of your trouser. Knowing what type of style suits you, choose the best style for the jeans before making a purchase decision.

If you are someone who loves wearing heels with pants, trim the length of your pants so that they don’t fall on the ground. If you are into sneakers, trim the length of your pants according to the shoe line which will otherwise keep dragging to you.

4. Wearing heavy prints

Wearing bold and heavy prints will completely ruin your overlooks. When you are not sure about what type of prints you should wear, without any doubt, pick one print and keep the rest classic and neutral.

Getting to know how to manage one small print at one time will help you play with different print patterns later.

5. Not wearing according to the body

When it comes to picking the right outfit, the first and foremost priority that needs to be considered is the body shape. Wearing the right size of clothes according to the shape of your body will make you look the best. Your body shape will help you in picking the right type of outfit for you that will make you pull off the different looks attractively.

6. Wearing the wrong pair of glasses

Just like picking the outfit according to the body shape is important, in the same manner, picking the best pair of glasses according to the shape of your face will show off your style and personality in the most appealing way. Before making the purchase for the best glasses, make sure you are picking the frame that suits your face shape. Choose among the different frames for the glasses like oval, heart-shaped, square, etc. that suits you the best on you.

7. Not considering your age

We choose to pick what suits us according to the change of time. Our choice of clothing does not only change according to the fashion trends but also changes according to the time.

When you are considering making a style change, pantsuits, dress shirts, ankle-length outfits, and casual shirts are a good options to keep up your style.