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Princess Diana’s 5 style secrets that you didnt knew before

There are so many things said and written about Princess Diana’s style. She always surprises people with her styles and there are so many style secrets that only a few people are aware of. Some of the style secrets are very rare and unusual. For instance, Diana uses special techniques for her hair and she had a collection of cleavage bags. She did all of this for a purpose.

Here are 5 interesting fashion tricks that have been gathered after examining them carefully. Her tricks have made her unique styling sense for a royal family.

Her tiaras were blended into her hair


Wearing tiaras was a major part of being a part of the royal family and Princess Diana had to wear them quite often. She came up with the idea of making tiaras look natural on her hair. She used the ribbons that matches her hair color and wrapped them around her tiaras from the bottom. You can see the result of this trick clearly in the picture.

She wears tights to compliment her royal looks

http://© AFP/EAST NEWS, © LFI/Photoshot/REPORTER/East News, © LFI/Photoshot/REPORTER/East News

Diana used to wear tights that matches her outfit and looked more attractive. She wore tights that had vertical lines in the back with beautiful ribbons right above her shoes.

Diana hides her cleavage from Paparazzi through clutch bags

http://© Tim Graham/Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

Princess Diana always used to hold her clutch bag right above her chest to hide her cleavage while getting off the car. She didn’t want any inappropriate picture of her to be in the newspaper and magazines being the most photographed person. 

http://© Julian Parker/UK Press/Getty Images

She has never worn gloves

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Princess Diana always uses to inspire people with her wardrobe. For instance, she went against the royal protocol as she never wore gloves while greeting people. She always loves to meet people with affection and warmth by holding and shaking hands with them. So she abandoned wearing gloves for direct contact.

She wears jewelry to make a fashion statement

The princess of wale has always been known for her fashion sense. In the picture, you will be princess Diana wearing a ring on her pinky finger even before the trend came up.

http://© Tim Graham/Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

People were loving and shocked after seeing Diana wearing the personalized necklace. Carrie Bradshaw was also seen wearing a pendant “Carrie” but Diana was seen wearing the letter D pendant even before Carrie. This beautiful D necklace looks beautiful around her neck.