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7 tips to put together your outfit effortlessly

Standing in front of the mirror and looking for the best out to wear is no less than a hassle. This is a struggle that everyone faces every day before getting dressed. Everyone knows that this struggle is real and very hard. Where it is hard to put together a look, there are also several ways to do it effortlessly and compellingly. All you need to do is to be creative with the ideas and do little changes in the way you wear a particular outfit.

We at Talesation has come up with the 8 tips and ideas that will help you pull off your outfits in the best way possible.

1. Tuck the blouse into pants

Tucking your shirt into the trousers or pants is something that we are taught from the very beginning. What we did was simply tuck the shirt into the pants around our waist with our hands pushing the shirts. Tucking the shirt will look better if you fold your shirt and tuck it in a little bit with your fingers. Take the hands off the folded shirt and there you go. You will have the nicest and neater shirt tuck in ever.

2. Make the knot of the shirt

Making the knot of the shirt without even realising if it looks good or bad is something that can spoil your overall look. So, to make the shirt knot look good, all you have to do is to twist one end of the shirt and pull the other end through the shirt to make it look the best, and you are good to go.

3. Wear mufflers and scarves

Wearing scarves and mufflers on top of your shirts creates the most stylish and sophisticated look. Tying the beautiful knot of the neckerchiefs around the neck pull off the different looks beautifully. All you have to do is to put half of your scarf in front of your neck then bring the other end forward and tuck it from the front into the inside and a beautiful knot will be made.

4. The exposed ankles

If you are short and want to look slimmer, the best tip so far is to uncover your ankles. When you are wearing pants, make sure that it does not touch your shoes. Only a little of your skin should be shown through your pants. To make your outfit look complete, you can wear heels to look the best.

5. Making your collar shirt into a V-neck shirt

Opening the collar of the shirt and making it look like a V neck is what everyone does when they want to turn their round neck collars into a V neckline. But this is not what can be done effortlessly every time. Sometimes the collar becomes turned, bent, closed, or wrinkled which does not form a neat V neckline.

To make a good V neckline, fix both sides of the collar by sticking double-sided tape on the upper chest. Doing this will stick the collar and does not make it move. 

6. The knots on coats

Tying the perfect bow knot on the coats will make them look better and beautiful. But making a good bow knot is not everyone’s thing. To make a perfect bow knot, all you have to do is to place both the ends of the strap to make it look like a bow and then tie it bypassing the one end over the other and pull it nicely and neatly. 

7. Wearing a belt

Everyone wants to flatter their slim body. A trick that has never gone out of style is to tie a belt around the waist on top of a wide-cut dress to show off your slim body attractively. Wearing a belt will not only make you look slimmer and smart but also pull off your look attractively.