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7 fun questions that children’s ask adults and they don’t have its answer

Children are innocent and they sometimes come with such questions that you don’t know their answers. This might have happened with you that your child asks something from you and you probably don’t have its answer. For instance, do you ever think about why passports are of different colors? And why can’t you smile in the ID photos?

Here is the list of the 7 most fun and interesting questions that are probably asked by the kids. We are sure you would be able to answer a few of the questions in the future now.

1. Why ID photo needs to be without a smile?

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All documents, passports, and visas require a neutral facial expression with a closed mouth without any smiles. The reason behind this is biometric scanners that were launched in 2005. Those biometric scanners can only detect a person’s face with a neutral facial expression to prevent fraudulent activity.

2. Why passports are not in orange or purple color?

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What colour is your country’s passport? It would be either grey, green, black, blue, or red. However, other countries also have different colour passports but you will never see them in orange, purple, or lime green.

3. Why do people don’t find their voice sound appealing?

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It happens to you every time that you don’t like the sound of your voice in the voice record. There is a special term called voice confrontation when someone doesn’t like their voice. The reason is due to the conductivity of air and body tissue is different. The vibration in our body makes us think that our voice is lower.

However, when you listen to your voice recording, the brain receives sound information from the auditory nerve. This is where dissonance happens and you don’t like the sound of your voice.

4. Why tennis balls are yellow?

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The tennis balls were of different colours in the past. Before the yellow neon colours of the balls, their colour was white and black. The colour of the balls makes it difficult to spot them on the TV screen. Therefore, the sports community decided to change its colour so it can be visible to everyone.

5. Why does the colour of the school bus or taxis are always yellow?

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School buses and taxis have a yellow colour in common. The reason is that this colour captures attention faster than any other colour. However, this colour was chosen for the ease of students and adults to easily recognize their bus or taxi.

6. Why do dark circles appear in our eyes?

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You may have noticed that dark circles usually appears under our eyes due to lack of sleep or tiredness. Women try to hide their dark circles with cosmetics. As per doctors, the dark circles appears due to the slow circulation of the blood around our eyes which makes the blood vessels in that area swell and dilate which causes the area under the eyes to be darker.

7. Why does the soda tastes different in plastic and canned bottles?

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If you are fond of drinking soft drinks then you probably have noticed the change in the taste in plastic bottles is different than the one in canned bottles. However, the manufacturer uses the same formula for both bottles. The reason is that the canned bottles have a polymer lining that absorbs the taste, whereas plastic bottles contain acetaldehyde which also changes the taste.