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A woman who is rejected by society after having the daughter at the age of 66

The story of Adriana Iliescu spread all over the internet like a wildfire in 2015. The woman who conceived her very first baby at the age of 66 earned a title as the oldest mother in the world into the Guinness Book of World Records. For the last 14 years, she had been spending her life facing multiple rejections from society but she didn’t bother due to her love for her daughter.

Talesation has shared the most inspiring stories of the old woman who pulled out all the stops to make her dream come true against all the odds.

Why did Adriana does not have the baby at an early age

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Adriana got married at the age of 20 when his husband was not in favor of having children anytime soon. When she couldn’t make it through this, she decided to get divorced from her husband after which she dedicated most of the time to teaching the students at some university in Romania.

It took her 9 years to take the fertility tests and try to conceive the baby but none of her efforts seems to be in favor of her. After failing several attempts, she decided to give it a try to in-vitro fertilization. Making this decision at the age of 66 years made her realize that it could be a huge risk but she didn’t lose hope. All she wanted was to become a mother and she made up her mind to go beyond the ways to make this possible. When she shared this decision with people, nobody favored her and turned their back against her.

The challenges she faced after having a baby

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Finally, her profound effort born fruit and she was expected with triplets. Unfortunately, two of them lost their lives inside her womb but the third child was born prematurely. The child who survived was a daughter who she named Eliza but she had to spend a great deal of time in ICU. Luckily, she has grown up stronger with time. Adriana, being a well religious woman decided to baptize her daughter.

As per several religious organizations, the idea of having a child at old age was awfully terrible and selfish. Adriana believed that her daughter was sent to her by God.

How Adriana spent living with her daughter growing up

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Adriana had already secured the future of her daughter Eliza. With the doctor who was responsible for doing the in-vitro fertilization, she made a deal to secure her daughter’s future. As per the deal, after the death of Adriana, the doctor will become her godfather and official representative unless she becomes sensible enough and of age.

Eliza often thought that Adriana is her grandmother. But she told multiple times that her decision to become a mother was out of selfishness. Since she had already retired from her job, she spent most of her time raising her daughter.

How the mother and the daughter lived

Adriana is a literature teacher who has written more than 25 books for children. Moreover, she is also a teacher of the Romanian language. Eliza has a great fondness for science and won many school competitions.

Being a mother at a very old age, Adriana spends all her power, love, experience, and knowledge on her children. Adriana leads a healthy and active lifestyle and tries to take equal participation in her daughter’s activities. As now Adriana is 80 years old, she is seeing her daughter becoming a beautiful woman.