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7 tips to look stunning by combining your clothes and accessories

Accessorizing is the best way to level up your outfits by adding jewellery, bags, scarves, belts, and much more. Many people have the skill to accessorize and it takes a lifetime to master. If you follow some tips you can also be your stylist and look flawless all the time.

Here is the list of super-easy tips that can be followed by anyone to look stunning in their everyday life and also on special occasions.

1. Choose the belt wisely to give your outfit a polished look

Choosing the right belt can lift your appearance. Women with less height can use a monochrome skinny belt, whereas long heightened girls can wear wide belts.

Skinny belts are good to wear with tops that are of solid colours, but they will not get prominent with tops that have heavy patterns. You can use wide belts with jumpsuits or dresses. If you want a belt that should complement all dresses then go for medium thickness belts.

2. Choose your shoes according to your skirt hemline

Your shoes heels should be lower if you are wearing miniskirts. But your skirt look will look more cool or polished if you are wearing your mini skirt with loafers, ballet flats, or sneakers. However, you can also choose to wear sky-high heels with mini skirts. If you want to pull off your skirt with high heels then consider wearing tights to make them look more sophisticated.

3. Balance your accessories

Fashion accessories can make the same ensemble more intensifying as they add versatility to your look. But if you are wearing a scarf, then avoid using over accessories. Keep your look minimal by wearing a necklace or a scarf along with your statement earrings.

4. Hide problematic areas using a scarf or with jewellery

If you want to hide your tummy by wearing figure-hugging skirts, then you can use a colourful scarf or a piece of long jewellery to draw away the attention from your midriff. You can also wear shapewear to look slimmer. Avoid using tight skirts if it has too many embellishments and details on the waist if you are sensitive about your middle area.

5. Use scarf with different styles

You can wear your scarf in different ways other than just wearing them around your neck. There are different ways to style your scarf to make it look stunning. Style your scarf on your old bags to freshen up its appearance, use them as headbands, for decorating hats, or you can likewise wear it as a belt.

6. Don’t match the colour of your shoes with your handbag

If you want a modern look for yourself, then try avoiding matching combinations. You can match the colour of your handbag with other accessories like a jacket or earrings in case you are trying to cheer up your basic outfit with some colour.

7. Flaunt your bracelets like a pro

If you are a bracelet lover, then you must know that there is a big room to mix and match your bracelets. Avoid using so many bracelets by keeping in mind that balance is key. Your arms will not look good if you will overwear the bulk of bracelets in both arms. You can try matching your jewellery and clothes to make reflect an impressive look.