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8 photos that showed the change in the royal hairstyles with time

Looking graceful and elegant has become a part of daily life if you belong to an elite family. When every effort has been done to look the most beautiful, stylish, and sophisticated, an amazing hairstyle will complement the overall look. From pin curls of the 90s to loose waves of the 21st century, royal hairstyles have kept changing from time to time.

Talesation has narrowed the list of the royal hairdos that will take you down to the memory line of history.

1. The 1920s

http://© APIC/ Hulton Archive/ Getty Images, © Beagle’s Postcards/ Wikimedia Commons, © Public Domain Mark 1.0, © PD-US [PD-old]

Back in the ’90s, when women got the right to vote they become more confident and made them free in so many different aspects of life. From becoming bolder to experimenting with the different hairstyles, women did everything they want as per their demands. When it comes to playing with hairstyles, women embraced different hairstyling trends like finger waves, bob, and pin curls. This was the style followed by lady Elisabeth Bowes-Lyon.

2. The 1940s

http://© Cecil Beaton/Victoria and Albert Museum/East News, © Ghitta Carell/ Wikimedia Commons, © Public Domain Mark 1.0

Back in the 1940s, the world had faced many challenges from social to political and economic that made a great impact on the lives of the people. When women joined the armed services and factories, they decided to change their hairstyles to look more practical. What they did was to get a soft hairstyle to complement their looks for work whose look was inspired by the actresses from Hollywood particularly Veronica Lake.

3. The 1950s

http://© COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL/Collection Christophel/ East News, © Everett Collection/East News

The electric way of styling became more dominant in the 1950s. From a funky pixie haircut to a perfect soft bob, women played with the different types of hairstyles to keep up their style. These actresses were the star of the daily TV shows, and it was Grace Kelly who was the ultimate Hollywood diva.

4. The 1960s

http://© Wikimedia Commons, © PD-US-not renewed
http://© Archives New Zealand/ Wikimedia Commons, © CC BY 2.0, © Julian Calder/ Wikimedia Commons, © CC BY-SA 4.0

In this period, hair became a symbol of the change in the culture. Both the men and women opted for different looks. Men preferred to grow longer hair while women chose to go for short haircuts. Gone were the days of poodle cut, bouffant, and pompadours, people were now mostly opting for the edgy looks.

5. The 1970s

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During the period of the 1970s, women ditched feminine hairstyles and opted for hairstyles that were more androgynous. Women were not fond of the delicate and sophisticated looks anymore and rather made a transition to the hairstyles that looked like men. Both men and women were going for the same hairstyle looks. When this hairstyle started to become a trend, this was where Princes Anne caught the spotlight.

6. The 1980s

http://© PATRICK RIVIERE/AFP/ East News, © Anwar Hussein/WireImage/ Getty Images
http://© New Zealand Government, Office of the Governor-General/ Wikimedia Commons, © CC BY 4.0

This period was mostly focused on materialism, individuality, and consumerism. When it comes to hairstyle, everyone was following the motto, the bigger, the better. Lady Diana steals all the limelight by becoming a role model for the young ones. This was not only due to the charitable concerns but her unique sense of style captured everyone’s attention.

7. The 1990s

http://© PHOTOlink/Everett Collection/ East News

The rise of the internet in the 90s made people stay updated not just with the latest trending fashion trends but also with the styling trends of history. The Bold dyed colours, the high bands, and crimped hair became everyone’s way of expressing their individuality and uniqueness.

8. The 21st century

http://© Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage/ Getty Images, © Laurent VU/SIPA/Sipa Press Russia/ East News

The concept of fashion revolves around bringing back the old fashion trend with slight modification, twists, and reinvention. During the last decades, everyone opted for the asymmetrical and bolder look of the hairstyles along with bright dyed hair colours to pull off the looks. The royal females are following the different hair trends by maintaining their decorum.