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Adele became a famous style icon and asked her fans to not hold up her as a role model

Adele shared in an interview that when she wanted to control her anxiety, her exercising too much showed a side effect of weight loss. She didn’t join a gym as she wanted to lose weight but her excess workout showed a side effect.

Today, she is trending all over the media due to her unique sense of style, fashion, and shape. Many people including famous celebrities value her sense of fashion. Now, her amazing fashion sense has made her a recognized style icon, but she was not always called by this.

Talesation has featured the story of Adele’s which will take you down memory lane and recall you about Adele’s story and how she became the famous fashion role model.

Adele initial journey in the world of fashion

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This photo of Adele reminds one of her red carpet look at the Brit Awards in 2008 in London. She was categorized as the top breakthrough act of 2008 with her songs which topped in the music chart. Most of the famous magazines wrote about her as Adele is one of the most respected and inspirational music artists of that time and she truly deserved it.

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Adele’s younger sister was not that much interested in fashion but this is what every artist has to stick to. Back in 2009, she became the face of the famous Vogue magazine. She shared that featuring in a magazine was like The Devil wears Prada. She wore the most beautiful dresses for the magazine cover by famous fashion designers and Anna Wintour helped her with the choice of the dresses.

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In 2009, Adele had to make her appearance at The Grammy Awards for which the entire professional crew of makeup artists, hairstylists, and other fashion stylists helped her for looking the best. She wore a black satin customized cocktail frock by Barbara Tfank, her stylists made her look the best for the award events. Before attending the awards she laughed in a way that she wanted to go in a proper glam.

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In the meantime, Adele wanted to live her life far from the glamour world. Due to her not-too-healthy lifestyle, she canceled many of her performances as she became homesick. Adele shared that the time period was her life with an early crisis.

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But luckily, the life of the music star became settled and she became more and more popular with her music. Her songs broke all the music sales records and she became covered by almost every magazine. Back in 2011, Adele wore a black dress at MTV Video Music Award with the 1960’s hairstyle.

The time of fashion experiments


The famous music artist loved experimenting with the different style looks. At The Grammy Awards in 2012, Adele wore a sparkling Giorgio Armani’s black customized long-length gown with three-quarter sleeves that made her look beautiful. That was the first time Adele made an appearance at the awards show with blonde hair and then she chose to remain blonde-headed for many years.

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Back in 2017’s Grammy Awards, Adele wore a sparkling gown by Givenchy. She kept the simple makeup and hair looks and wore the best outfit that got everyone’s attention. Due to some technical issues at the stage, her performance didn’t go well.

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At the annual 59th Grammy awards, Adele made a great achievement by winning 5 awards for the best song, album, and record. She looked incredibly beautiful in a silk satin laced Givenchy gown by Riccardo Tisci.

It was a time for change

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Adele gained the title of role model which not only inspired ordinary people but also encouraged many celebrity figures. A very funny moment happened before Adele came for the interview with Oprah Winfrey. Right before starting the interview, Oprah went for an apricot-colored outfit but she changed her decision to wear a neutral color when she came to know that Adele is going to wear a white suit. The reason that made her change her decision for the outfit color was that she might look like a parrot sitting next to the style icon.

In 2020, Adele has undergone a tremendous weight loss of about 100 pounds. At the gym, when she wanted to control her anxiety, her hard exercises showed the side effect that made her lose weight. She was suffering from anxiety after getting divorced from her husband.

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Right after losing much body weight, she was also criticized by people for her new looks to which Adele replied that they should not hold her up as their great role model. She said that she used to be body positive back then she is still body positive now.