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Photos that proved that the world has two types of people living in it

Every person surrounding us has lots of different habits in their lives that made them different from each other. We probably do not notice those people as it has become part of a daily routine. But what we cannot forget is when someone forgot to lock the door, break a glass, does not switch off the light, or put the keys in the wrong place.

In this article, Talesation has put light on some habits of people which is not liked by everyone. This article shares that there live two types of people in this world.

1. Tea or coffee

Today, the world has two types of people. Those who love coffee and those who love tea. This picture shows how the tea lover is trying to win over the coffee lover by placing the tea jar above the coffee pack on a narrow shelf. This has become a daily battle between the tea and coffee lover as both of them wants to win at the end.

2. Knife or spoon

http://© AndxDecember / Reddit

There are people who prefer using a spoon for putting on cheese or mayo on the slice and then there are people who are used too of using a knife for putting on the cheese or mayo. This is another battle that is going on among the people.

3. Organized vs not organized

http://© nefera-atenhotep / Reddit

There are some supermarkets where you will find the different products stuffed randomly on the display shelves and then there comes another type of people at the supermarket who prefer arranging the different products on the display shelves in an organized manner.

4. The habit with the teabags

There comes some people who prefer taking out the tea bags after making the tea according to their taste. And then there comes another category of people who prefer sinking in the teabags into the cup while drinking to enjoy a strong tea taste.

5.  Protecting the jars with the films

http://© RecklessPixel / Reddit

There are people who remove the sealed film completely from any jar containing food or medicine. Other people have the habit of breaking the sealed film partially so that they can cover the insides later. While there also comes people who are ready to take off the film in one fell swoop.

6. The food on the plate

http://© santoslopo5772 / Imgur

When it comes to making a food plate, there comes two types of people with different habits. Some have the habit of keeping every food item on the plate separately to indulge in the different tastes. While some prefer mixing everything to taste the different items at the same time in a combination.

7. Different collection habits

http://© bitingferret / Reddit

Every person has a hobby or habit of collecting different types of things. Some are fond of collecting crockery pieces while some are immensely interested in collecting toys and other types of stuff.