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6 symptoms reveal that you’re in constant stress that you aren’t aware of

Everyone in their entire life has gone through some situation that has put them under stress. There is also a time when you didn’t even understand what’s holding you back and you never consider thinking about it. However, stress causes the body to change. You start feeling physical symptoms that you’re probably not aware of. Symptoms like chest pain, upset stomach, high blood pressure, irregular sleeping, and many others never make you realise the actual reason behind it. 

Here is the list of some physical signs that get involved in your routine but you never consider thinking about them.

1. Teeth Grinding

You would never know before that when you grind your teeth it’s because of stress. The stressful mind makes you unconsciously bite or clench your teeth throughout the whole day. This habit leads to a sore jaw the next day. If you have noticed then you would see your teeth looks a bit shorter than usual. The best way is to use a mouth guard to prevent grinding your teeth.

2. You feels sweaty every time

There are multiple reasons for sweat to occur. Few of them are high blood pressure, temperature, or medications. However, if you are constantly getting sweating then it’s not normal. Our body removes water from the skin. It results in a fight or flight response, which makes you sweat constantly.

3. You get hair fall more than usual

If you find more hair on your comb or in the bathroom, then it’s probably because of the hidden stress. An emotional situation can disturb your hair growth. Even if nothing has happened in the recent past, the hair loss gets delayed but comes back in 6-12 weeks after a stressful situation.

4. Red skin or patches on the body

If you are the person who doesn’t get exposed to allergies, but still breakouts then you are probably under stress and have gone through a stressful situation. Red spots began to appear in your mouth due to stress. You probably have been so touched by the situation that the body started creating chemicals that change the body functions.

5. Irregular eye twitches

Your brain face muscles start getting unusual signals due to stress which leads to irregular eye twitches. You might have noticed that your lower eyelid starts vibrating or moving and lasts for weeks or even months.

6. Dry mouth every time

If you feel hungry and don’t eat anything salty, then you must need focus on your emotional health. The stressful period blocks the salivary glands which leave your mouth dry. It also becomes difficult to swallow anything because of dehydration.