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7 celebrities that are shockingly replaced during the shoot

All actors and actresses are putting their best efforts to entertain people with specific roles. They are true stars in front of their die hearted fans. Although they are living their most luxurious life, they still have to face bad working conditions, stress, disagreements at work, accidents, and much more. The reason of disagreement for any reason leads the actor to terminate the contract in the middle of their production.

Here is the list of 7 celebrities who have chosen to abandon their contract during the shooting.

1. Penelope Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides

http://© Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides / Walt Disney Studios and co-producers, © WALT DISNEY PICTURES / Album/EAST NEWS

Penelope Cruz discovered about her pregnancy during the shoot of pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides. The team was on a hunt to find a stuntwoman to shoot a few scenes and luckily, her sister namely Monica Cruz who is also an actress decides to take over the difficult tasks on her behalf.

2. Jesus Adams in Foster in the fosters

http://© The Fosters / Blaze Entertainment and co-producers

ABC family series namely The fosters were shooting for their third season during which the main character known as Jesus Adams played by Jake T. Austin decided to not continue the shoot. His character replacement was done by Noah Centineo who was a stranger at that time.

3. Claire Kyle in My Wife and Kids

http://© My Wife & Kids / FOX Entertainment Group and co-producers

If you have watched the American sitcom, My Wife and Kids, on ABC, then you probably don’t get why Jazz Raycole plays the character as Claire Kyle left the series in season 1. It appears that her mother didn’t agree with the new theme that was given by the director. Claire Kyle was replaced by Jennifer Freeman who was so happy with this opportunity.

4. James Purefoy in V for Vendetta

http://© V for Vendetta / Warner Bros and co-producers, © Arthur Mola / Invision / AP / East News, © ROBYN BECK/AFP/ East News

V for Vendetta portrays a powerful story that became famous for the costume worn by its lead character. James Purefoy played the lead character until he and the producers starts having issues regarding their creative differences. It was never disclosed to the public why he left the character. The people are still not sure whether it was his choice to abandon it or he was made to leave the character. His character was later played by Hugo Weaving.

5. Ruby Rose in Batwoman

http://© Batwoman / The CW Network and co-producers

Ruby Rose was cast in the Batwoman series in 2019. The season had left its fans surprised when they find out that the characters face has been changed in its second season. Nobody could know whether it was her choice to leave or she was laid off. After Ruby, the character Batwoman was played by Javicia Leslie.

6. Robert Downey Jr. in Gravity

http://© Iron Man / Paramount Pictures and co-producers, © Gravity / Warner Bros. and co-producers

Robert Downey is famous for improvising the characters. At first, he was a scene partner with Sandra Bullock. But later, things didn’t happen as planned. The film Gravity, demands the use of specific techniques for specific scenes which the director preferred to be played by George Clooney in the replacement of Robert Downey. The reason behind the replacement was Robert, who decided that he wasn’t able to perform with that technology.

7. Bobby Draper in Mad Men

http://© Mad Men / Lionsgate and co-producers

Mad Men is an American drama that put Don Draper in the public eye. Don has a son whose name is Jonny Draper. But the fans of the drama have never understood who played the character. As the character was played by Mason Vale Cotton, Aaron Hart, Jared S. Gilmore, and Maxwell Huckabee.