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7 safety measures that help you prevent a critical situation

From a very young age, everyone is taught how to come out of a tragic situation that is not under their control. This is something we do without even thinking about it. But sometimes, we forget about these precautionary measures when we are stuck in such kind of weird situations.

Talesation has featured a list of some safety measures that will surely help you keep yourself away from any kind of danger or threat.

1. Put your name tag inside the luggage not outside while traveling

While you are traveling, make sure to put a name tag inside your bag not outside as anyone can take off your name tag and pretends as if the bag belongs to them. In case your luggage gets lost at the airport, the bag is usually opened to see if they could find the owner of the bag. Your name tag inside the bag can be really helpful.

2. Disable your face recognition on your phone

If anyone tries to unlock your phone without your consent with your face ID, you can ask Siri about whose phone is and it will become ultimately unreachable without having you type a password.

3. Don’t take off your shoes during the flight

No one understands the reason behind taking off the shoes during a flight. Rather than taking it off, it is better to put it on during landing and take-off which are the most challenging phase of the flight. In case of an emergency, rather than finding your shoes and then putting them on, it is safe to wear your shoes throughout your time during the flight.

4. Change the door locks after moving into a new house

The very first thing that everyone needs to do after moving into a new house or apartment is to change to door locks immediately as you never know who has the access to your door’s lock. So, changing the lock of the house is good to be on the safe side.

5. Don’t follow the ambulance immediately to the hospital

We know that seeing your loved one in a hospital emergency is a very terrible situation but at the same time, you need to look after yourselves too. You might ignore the traffic rule on the way in an emotional state of mind that can put your life in danger too. To keep yourself safe, it is better to wait for some moments and then leave for the hospital.

6. Use the flash of your phone while crossing the road

Driving at night makes it difficult for the drivers to see other people on the road. So turning on the flashlight while crossing the road at night will let the drivers know that you are crossing the road and makes you more visible on the road at night.

7. Find your pair of glasses by opening your phone’s camera

If you lost your glasses and it is making it difficult for you to find them, the best tip that could help you to find your glasses is to open your phone’s camera which will focus everything and make you find your glasses easily.