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Simple tips to pull off the looks with clothing and accessories

From hats to scarves, bags, jewelry, belts, and shoes, every woman is interested in wearing and carrying different types of accessories to add a little more attraction to their overall look. All they want is to look perfect and endlessly beautiful in any way. Most of the women believe that everyone should have the skill to carry accessories and needs to master them, but the fact is, accessorizing does not need to be difficult. It should be simple yet attractive.

All you need to know is just a couple of tips that will make you your personal fashion stylist and make you pull off your looks in the best way possible.

We at Talesation have observed the advice from fashion experts meticulously and compiled a list of a few tips that will surely add oomph to your looks for a casual or special occasion.

  1.  Balance your looks with accessories

It is easier to pull off the looks either by giving attention to details or just keeping it simple with beautiful accessories. When you are deciding to wear a scarf, make sure to not wear too much jewelry with it as it will make you look over with extra accessories. Try to follow a simple and easy  1:1 ration rule that is a necklace or a scarf + earrings + a scarf.

2. Pick the right belt that matches the outfit

Wearing a belt on top of your outfit will simply take your looks to another level. For instance, a wide belt will suit best to tall or athletic woman. A monochrome skinny belt will look great on a petite woman. Wearing wide belts can also balance the looks with different colored prints.

3. Pick the shoes that match the skirt hemline

While wearing a mini skirt, it is a golden rule to wear shoes with short heels. Longer heels with short skirts will make you look tacky in miniskirts. Wearing a nice pair of sneakers, ballet flats, or loafers also look great with miniskirts. On the other side, if you are wearing midi and maxiskirts, wearing sky-high heels is never a bad idea. If it is making it difficult for you to resist wearing high heels with miniskirts, you can wear a pair of tights with them to make yourself look more sophisticated.

4. Nothing wrong with wearing a colorful scarf

You cannot only wear a scarf around your neck. You can carry a scarf in so many different ways to make your looks even more attractive and stylish. You can use your scarf as a headband, wear it as a belt, or tie it as a knot with your handbag.

5. Choose the right style for the hat according to your outfit

Wearing a hat to compliment your looks will make you look more stylish. But before wearing a hat, you need to consider the shape of your face and bodily proportion. The golden rule to follow for wearing your hat is that the brim of your hat should not be wider than your shoulders.

For a round face, a hat with a shallow crow will look the best. You can pick among a long sock hat, a fedora, an angular hat, or a beret.

For a square-shaped face, a large hat without sharp lines is a good option to go for. You can make the choice for the hat among a cloche hat, a beanie, a slouchy beret, or a round-brimmed hat.

For a long face, a good option to go for is to wear a hat that cuts across your shoulder and avoid wearing the hat that is further back on your head. Make your choice among the hats among wide-brimmed hats or a hat with a fitted crown.

6. Wear a scarf or a piece of jewelry to divert attention

If you are afraid of your tummy but like wearing skin-fit skirts, a good rule to follow is that you can wear a piece of jewelry or a colorful scarf to divert the attention of people from your tummy. You can also wear bodysuits to look slimmer. Avoid wearing skin-tight skirts that have embellishment details over them.

7. Wear colorful stockings to pop up your looks

If you want to make your outfit look more stylish and attractive, you can spice up your looks with different colored stockings. You can either pick among the contrasting color theme or an overall color theme to elevate your overall looks.