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7 body facts that are rare only in a few people

Each person has a different body due to genetic inheritance. Not each body is capable of doing the same thing. From doing so many unusual things with the body parts to an extent of hearing something that has a subtle pitch, some people have an extraordinary ability.

Here is the list of 8 interesting facts and tricks of the body facts that many of you have not seen or heard before.

1. Solving Rubik’s cube is an extraordinary thing

http://© Pixabay.com, © Nomadsoul1 / Depositphotos.com

Only 6% of the total population has the ability to solve Rubik’s cube. Some say that it’s talent while other people say many people are well aware of using their fingers in this way since childhood. It is clearly seen that both talent and control of fingers are needed to solve this cube.

Since solving the Rubik cube is not an easy thing, therefore, it has become a sport. You need a lot of practice for doing it very fast.

2. Flaring the nostrils

There are only a few people who have the ability to perform body tricks with their bodies. Only 30% of the people can flare their nostrils means they can wider their nostrils easily.

The muscle that takes part in this movement is known as the Nasalis muscle. You can witness this movement while taking a deep breath or even in an emotional situation.

3. Everyone can’t wiggle their ears

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Ear wiggling is not very easy and if you have the ability to do it then you belong from 10% to 20% of the population who has this capacity.

This movement is called Vestigial Feature which is done by the auricular muscles. Animals can do this movement very easily and it has been discovered that even humans have the capability to do it.

4. You can bend your thumbs

http://© Rollcloud / Wikimedia Commons, © CC0 1.0

Everyone is not capable of bending their thumbs. This bending thumb ability is known as Hitchhiker’s Thumb, and one has the talent of making 90-degree angles. The bending movement is due to the interphalangeal point through which our thumbs are connected. This movement is not painful and is not harmful to any person. You must be lucky if you can do this!

5. Few people have chimp-like feet

Almost every person has bendy feet. However, only one out of three people have chimp-like feet. These people can easily climb the trees. The reason is due to the flexibility of some ligaments that let us bend our feet which most people are not capable of.

These ligaments are found at the ball of the foot and heel. Many people have small ligaments that can’t stretch but those who have chimp-like feet have soft ligaments which help them to bend their feet in this way.

6. Some people have never experienced a headache

There are many people who experience headaches in their everyday life. However, there are few people who have never experienced headaches in their life.

According to studies, 90% of the population between the age of 19 to 65 experience headaches. Also, there are people who go through migraines. Whereas, the other 10% of the population are not aware how the headache feels like. The reason is due to the pain tolerance, which makes it unnoticeable for them.

7. Few people can write with both hands

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Many people are using their right hand in their everyday life. However, there are also few people who have the ability to use their left-right as right as their using the other one. These special ability people are known as ambidextrous people. Only 1% of the population are ambidextrous people.

The study related to ambidextrous is still being done by scientists. Whereas, scientists have concluded that this ability is linked with genetics. However, this ability is due to the brain hemisphere that controls the movement of the hands.