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8 common hair care mistakes that you need to stop making for having good hair

When it comes to hair care, everyone is opting for different hair care routines to make their hair look beautiful and healthy. There are some things that we follow so much and we are unaware of how much it is damaging our hair. We are so much into doing certain things that we don’t know how much it is ruining our hair.

Talesation has compiled a list of certain things that you need to avoid to make your hair strong and beautiful.

 1. Not drinking enough water

All that we know is drinking plenty of water is good for our skin but we are unaware of how good is water for our hair as well. We should not only increase our water intake for healthy skin but should also increase its intake for our hair. There is no denying the fact that water is contributing well to the growth of our hair. However, the chances are quite possible that if you do not drink enough water, your hair might stop growing.

2. Brushing the hair more than enough

Like every hair care routine needs to be followed properly without any hitch, in the same manner, one also needs to brush the comb through the hair in a proper way. Brushing in a good manner facilitates the growth of hair as brushing greatly helps with scalp stimulation. But, on the other hand, it is also said that brushing your hair more than normal can result in hair loss. Since brushing way too often leads to the loss of hair, it is recommended that one should not brush their hair more than twice a day.

3. Not trimming the hair

No matter even if you try your best to grow your hair by using different hair oils or serums, you still need to trim your hair to make them look thicker, healthier, and denser. Not just trimming your hair makes you get rid of the split ends but is also good for the growth of your hair. According to the hair experts, following a trim schedule for your hair, every 12 weeks will keep your hair from damage.

4. Using chemicals that are damaging for hair

Before using any type of hair product on your hair, make sure you read the ingredient label on it. If you want to protect your hair from getting damaged, avoid using hair products that contain harsh chemicals like silicon, paraben, and other alcoholic ingredients that can cause great damage to your hair. However, make sure to use the ingredients for hair that are good for the health of your hair.

5. Not eating enough protein

If you want to make your hair look long, strong, and shiny, you should be mindful about eating food that is a good source of protein. Protein for hair is good for the overall growth, texture, and shiny nature of the hair. Eating eggs or other food that contains protein content will make the hair look healthy, thicker, and shiny.

6. Using too many hair styling tools

Everyone is fond of changing their hairstyle to look the prettiest. Where using the different hair styling tools can transform your overall look, there you should also limit the use of heat styling equipment. Too much heat is not good for the hair as it makes them weak and brittle. Moreover, it also makes the hair thin and leads to hair loss. To protect your hair from damage, you should limit the use of different hair styling tools on your hair.

7. Skipping the conditioner

Using a hair conditioner is the most important part of the hair washing routine. Everyone should consider using the hair conditioner after applying the hair shampoos as the conditioners make the hair soft and help in balancing the oil production. As conditioners are mostly used after applying the hair shampoos, it is said that using them prior to the hair shampoo makes the hair look more healthy and voluminous.

8. Showering with too hot water

Washing the hair with too hot water is not good for the health of the hair. Our hair needs a specific temperature of the water to be washed. Washing the hair with hot water opens pores. Also, washing the hair with hot water cleanses thoroughly. In the end, be mindful about washing your hair with cold water after conditioning as it will help in locking in moisture in the hair.