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8 things can upgrade your home security while you are away

Everyone is afraid of being robbed in their homes. Many thieves enter empty houses and they know where to find valuable items within the shortest time without hindering anyone. Sometimes, alarm installation is not enough as these robbers have also found the hack to remove the siren.

There are many security measures that people are already aware of. However, it’s important to add new safety measures to increase the protection of your house.

Here is the list of different methods that can be used at homes to avoid robbers entering our homes, along with the tips to protect your valuable items.

1. Putting deterrent signs at the entrance doors

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Seeing deterrent signs at the main door make robber think twice before entering your house. This will make the burglar think about the anti-theft security system.

However, it is important to add another protective method because so many burglars know how to identify whether the sign is original or fake. The best way is to protect your house is with the consultancy of experts and purchase the signs with surveillance and security tools.

2. Don’t hide keys under doormats, flowerpots, or mailboxes

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Burglars always began looking for keys under doormats, flowerpots, or mailboxes because they are well aware of the people who used to hide them in these places. It is also not a good option to bury them in the latter as it will make the intruder suspicious and they can easily break into your house.

You can hide the keys in a safe place because it would never be easier for them to find it. Also, hide it in such a place that will become accessible for you easily. Sometimes, the best place is to hide them in a barbeque grill, dog house, or birdhouse.

3. Make copies of keys of each individual of the house

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In the previous point, we discussed hiding the keys in the best place, whereas, it is also the best option to keep the keys with yourself. You can also make copies of the keys and handover to each individual of the family. It will become easier for you to access your home more quickly.

If your children are minors, then it is important to educate the importance of keeping keys with them and tell them it’s not safe to share with it, anyone. The security of the house can become stronger with the contribution of everyone in the house.

4. Ask your closed neighbors to keep an eye on your home

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It is very easy to identify an empty house when the yard is not kept clean or the mailbox is full. However, in this case, you can tell your closed neighbor to look around your home by picking mails or newspaper from the entrance.

Only tell those people whom you can trust blindly because it’s a very sensitive thing to share with anyone. Also, don’t talk about your absence to any stranger.

5. Don’t hide your valuable items in places that are very obvious to thieves

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If you don’t have a safe in your house, then the best thing is your valuable items around different corners of the house. Burglars always look for money and jewelry at very obvious places where people used to hide them before.

Avoid hiding your common things in jewelry boxes, toilet tanks, lock boxes, or on nightstands. Whereas they mostly don’t consider looking at the bottom of the dustbins, freezer back, or heavy safe.

6. Buy a safe

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The best thing to protect your valuable items is to keep them in a secure safe. You can keep all your important documents, jewelry, money, and other valuable items in the safe. However, it is very important to take all precautionary measures against thieves.

7. Keep second-floor windows closed

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Many burglars say that many people leave their second floor and basement windows opened. Looking at them at one glance makes it easy for criminals to know that the house is empty and they can find the valuables easily.

However, in this case, it is very important to keep the windows closed on both the first and second floors. The ladder can easily help the thieves to enter the house and have access to all the belongings.