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7 signs that show that buying dresses online won’t suit you

While making a purchase from the online clothing store, the chances are quite high that you end up being disappointed for spending money on the outfit that looks too good in the pictures but too bad in the reality. The sellers of the clothing make the dresses look so beautiful that it convinces the online customers at a first sight. Unfortunately, this happens every time we make a purchase from the stores without looking at its feedback.

Talesation has listed a list of some tips that will make you cautious before buying from online clothing stores.

1. The outfit presented without models

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Outfits that are displayed on the hangers shown on the website or the online app of any clothing store rather than the models are an indication that the outfit could just be a wastage of money. Without knowing about the style of the outfit that can fit your body, making such purchases will give an unpleasant experience while wearing it. For instance, the straps or the ties that are shown on the dress in the picture might look good but in reality, it might be extra loose. Or the sleeves that look good in the picture might not look good in real maybe because of its extra tight fittings.

2. The model posing unnaturally

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Fashion models that are wearing clothing and posing in a slightly strange pose are leaving a hint for us. No matter even if the clothes presented provoke an immediate response in us to buy that particular outfit, we end up getting the outfit which was quite opposite to that looked in pictures, that is nothing more than the money wastage.

3. The model with a different body shape

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The chances are quite low that the dress that is designed particularly for tall and smart girls will look the same on the short and slight healthy girls. However, when you are making a purchase for such type of dress, it is good to pay attention to your body shape as well and purchase accordingly. An outfit that looks perfect on one girl might look totally the opposite to the other girl with the different shape of the body.

4. A model hiding the outfit with her hand

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The model posing suspiciously in the pictures speaks volumes about the quality of the outfits on display. The hand of the model covering the outfit in a picture is an indication that there might be a problem with the dress’s neckline, fabric, or anything else. So, it is better to avoid making purchases for the dress that is not presented fully in the pictures.

5. An eye-catching background could be risky

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You can also be a victim to the best-photoshopped picture on the website or the app of any clothing store. The edited picture can make a low-quality picture look the best with the different effects and filters. While shopping online, we also focus our undivided attention on the fascinating interior details that persuade enough for an immediate response. That’s probably how that product ends up being in our mailbox and we feel no less than disappointed.

6. The cropped picture of the dress

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The pictures that are usually cropped and do not show the full outfit details could also be very risky. Before making a purchase from the online clothing store, make sure to take a look at the detailed image of the outfit and then make a purchase decision if you do not want to be disappointed with your online order.

7. A piece of clothing paired with something bright

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Sometimes buying from the online stores is very confusing as they show two pieces of clothing in the same picture with one being so bright in color. This overlapping of the irrelevant designs attracts us well and makes us buy that outfit which in reality gives nothing more than the disappointment of wasting money.

Bonus: A quick tip shared by Talesation for making an online purchase for the clothing

Tip#1: Don’t go for buying clothes that are presented by the models in the cropped photos. Also, don’t make purchases for the clothes that the models have presented in half-turned poses. The outfit that looks good from the side angle might not look good from the front side.

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Tip#2: When you are comparing two outfits together online, it is better to make a purchase for the one that is shown on the fashion runway.

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Make sure to not overlook these two bonus tips while shopping online for the clothes as it will help you from spending money that is a complete wastage rather than a useful purchase.