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8 Most popular questions that people ask from Google

There have been so many mysteries and so many questions that have no immediate sound explanation. Fortunately, we have the biggest blessing in the form of the internet which can help us find anything we want. Finding anything from something most ridiculous to something extremely knowledgeable-the internet has the answer to everything. However, some questions appear in the mind of millions of people and they reach to google to look for their answers.

We at realisation have gathered a list of the most popular questions that people ask from google and we dare you to answer those questions yourself before reading the answers below.

1. Why are cats sink lovers?

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Our 4-legged beautiful friend creature uses this place for a couple of reasons. One is that there might be hot outside and they sit at a cold place on the sink for being cold. Cats also feel comfortable sitting in small and high spaces. Move of the above, they are always thirsty. 

2. Why the colour of the sky is blue?

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The colour of the sky has nothing to do with the reflection of the ocean. However, the blue light spreads faster as compared to other colours because its waves are shorter. When there is a white light in the atmosphere, the air molecules make the blue light scatter.

3. Why do cats purr?

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Cats communicate while purring when they are talking with their moms. However, you cant always consider a purring cat as happy. The vibration while purring can be triggered by stress, fear, or nervousness. Cats purr also to capture our attention to make them feel faster.

4. Why the company should hire you?

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This question is the most frequently asked question during the interview and it has no universal answer. The best way to answer this question is to never overpraise yourself. You can mention the best thing about yourself that could make you stand out among other candidates. The best thing is to talk about the benefits you could give to the company and your creative thinking.

5. Why there is a leap day?

Our calendar has a leap day on 29 February. During the four years, dozen hours accumulate to form one complete day. The 29th day is added in the calendar to make that astronomical year is constant and the time that is lost is recovered.

6. Why do cats run away from cucumbers?

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This question does not have any clear explanation but there is a small point that covers its reason. Firstly, Cats gets scared due to unusual vegetable smell. Secondly, cats assume cucumbers as snakes. Lastly, cats are not afraid of cucumbers and they get scared when something is abruptly placed behind them.

7. Why the colour of the fire truck is red?

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In the past years, cars were usually of black colours, whereas, trucks were red so that they can be easily identified. However, there is another answer to this question. Many unpaid volunteers work at fire stations, so they chose the cheapest paint of red colour.

8. Why do dogs like to eat grass?

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Dogs are so fond of eating grass, that there is one specific term used for them is known as pica. There are multiple reasons for this as they might be looking for digestion, getting missing vitamins, or treating intestinal worms. However, they also eat grass because they are omnivores.