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6 possible reasons for your faster skin aging

Spending a great deal of time on a skincare routine or spending a lot of money on buying expensive skincare products is all useless if you fail to put attention to some of your daily habits that are sabotaging all your skincare efforts. As it is difficult to give up some habits leaving them will definitely do good to your skin.

Talesation has figured out a list of some habits that if you avoid doing it will surely make your skin look beautiful, smooth, and youthful.

1. Drinking brewed coffee more than normal

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Those who love drinking coffee at different times of the day consider that their survival is difficult without coffee. Drinking coffee is good but drinking it more than normal can make your skin look too dull and older. Coffee is a diuretic that dehydrates the body affects the skin badly and makes it look dull, darker, and wrinkled. Drinking instant coffee is a better alternative to regular coffee as it contains less amount of caffeine and is a safe option for those who want to reduce their regular intake of caffeine.

2. Rubbing the eyes too often

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Rubbing the eyes when you feel irritated might give some kind of relief at first but rubbing them too often with harsh hands can turn your eyes red and makes your skin dark around the eyes. Rubbing the thin skin around the eyes with blood vessels can cause damage and cause dark circles. Moreover, it also loses the skin and makes it look older.

3. Sleeping on the stomach

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When it comes to sleeping after a daylong tiring day, everyone loves sleeping in the most comfortable sleeping positions that keep them comfortable all night long. Sleeping in the favorite position gives relief but what is not expected out of this is fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin ends up forming vertical wrinkles on your face when you sleep on your stomach as your face is pushed against the pillow in this position. Sleeping in this position every night makes the wrinkles stay forever.

4. Using soap bars on the face

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An attractive colored soap bar can be good for your hands but is not good for your face. Washing the face with such type of soaps can cause allergic reactions to your skin. The bar soaps contain some chemicals that make your skin lose its natural oil and make it look dry, dull, dark, and wrinkled. Using a gentle cleanser instead of a regular soap bar is a better choice for washing the face.

5. Using makeup products as sunscreen

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A screen with SPF qualities is better than the makeup products containing SPF. The harmful UV rays cause 80% of skin aging symptoms like wrinkles, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, etc. Using sunscreens instead of makeup products regularly reduces the skin’s aging process and makes the face wrinkle-free.

6. Licking or biting the lips

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Licking the lips might feel calming and soothing at first but doing it continuously can make the skin of your lips dry, chapped, and dehydrated. To keep the lips protected and hydrating, it is better to use lip balms that will lock in moisture into the lips and provide protection to the lips.