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5 dominant women who confronted the stereotypical fashion of modern influencers

Fashion enthusiasts always love to binge on the different trends of fashion to flaunt their styles in an attractive way. The fashion trends are not only confined to the choice of color or print patterns but there is a lot more than this. Modern lifestyle has proved that the fashion sense has changed and it works for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Fashion is not the representation of one dress up or the age of the models. Talesation is greatly inspired by these 5 bold models that have broken the stereotype of models regarding the age factor.

  1. Lyn Slater
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Lyn Slater shared that she is not conventionally beautiful but it is just her attitude that makes people believe this. The challenging story she shared is conventional according to her. She has always seemed to publicly address the norm that beauty does not revolve around the specific ages or physical appearance but the old ages are still beautiful in their own way.

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Moreover, she also addressed the media to change their perspective about the beauty of women that are of older age. The fan following of Lyn Slater really admires her.

2. Grece Ghanem

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Grece Ghanem believes that her incredible beauty has boosted her self-confidence by which she believes that age has nothing to do with beauty. Grece does not opt for any beauty trend but is extremely fond of experimenting with her looks or usually goes for something that suits best on her. Grece Ghanem believes that confidence in herself is an incredible part of her beauty.

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Moreover, she also believes in the fact that age is not anything that can suppress the beauty of women. Her incredible efforts are now a challenge to the current influencers. However, she is a real-life example to all the influencers out there.

3. Jan de Villeneuve

Jan shared her experience of never making beauty the highest priority in her life. Other than the gigs she was working on, she never preferred putting on too much makeup. Moreover, she has also made an effort to help people embrace aging which is the part of life that is irreplaceable.

She also shared her experience that she feels prouder when the old women realize the value of fashion as much as the young ones. The 77 years of age model says that the fashion industry should accept models of all ages, sizes, and shapes.

4. JoAni Johnson

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JoAni Johnson is a real-life example of indigenous beauty standards that belongs to mother nature. She embraces beauty trends as decisions based on instincts and is quite very excited about trying the new looks every single day. Everyone believes to be inspired by her as another challenger belonging to the fashion world. JoAni Johnson believes that models should be recognized without the discrimination of the age.

5. Maye Musk

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Maye Musk is a mother to the world-recognized business magnate and entrepreneur Elon Musk. Maye Musk is a social influencer of beauty. In an interview with Vogue, she shared that one should not give up as the invitation for the red carpets began at the age of 65. Back in 1969, she initiated her modeling career when she became the runner-up of Miss South Africa Beauty Competition.

http://© mayemusk / Instagram
http://© mayemusk / Instagram

The fan following of Maye Musk is greatly inspired by her due to the extravagant style that made her play with the different looks for herself. Her incredibly amazing style is a portrayal of the cultures that she has embraced right from the start of her modeling journey in South Africa.