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6 easy yet helpful tips that keep warts away from you

Warts are a very common type of skin infection that is often harmless but it really makes the skin look weird. These small-sized grainy skin growths are caused by Human Papillomavirus that can be formed in any part of the skin and is really contagious. Meaning that it can easily be spread from one person to another. There are different ways to get rid of warts but you can also follow some precautions to avoid getting warts on your skin to make it look healthy and clean.

Talesation has shared some easy and effective tips that will surely help you keep you away from this skin infection.

  1. Use your own towel
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Sharing the towel with the people is among the most common reasons that encourage the growth of warts on your skin. Sharing the towel might seem harmless at first but it is a leading cause of this skin infection. If anyone in your family has warts on their skin, it is more likely to be transmitted if you use their towel. So, it is important to avoid using someone else’s towel and use your very own. Also, avoid sharing other personal things.

2. Don’t forget to moisturize the skin

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To keep your skin free of wrinkles in the long run, it is better to keep your skin hydrated by moisturizing it very often. Keeping the skin moisturized with the right moisturizer also helps in keeping warts away. The dry skin makes it easier for human papillomavirus to get into the skin through the cracks and cause the growth of warts on the skin.

3. Don’t bite your nails

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Nail-biting habit is observed in so many people regardless of their age and gender. But, it is very important for people to get rid of this habit as biting the nails creates small tears in the skin that allows the virus to enter into the body and grow on the skin.

4. Wear flip-flops during the pool time

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Although walking barefoot on the warm floor around the swimming pool area seems really pleasant but wearing flip-flops is highly encouraged as it encourages the growth of warts on the skin. The warm environment gives good ground for bacteria to breed. However, the soft and moist skin becomes highly vulnerable to human papillomavirus. Wearing flip-flops around such areas will prevent the growth of warts under your feet.

5. Cover your injury cuts with a bandage

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If there are cuts on your hand or fingers, it is better to keep them covered with bandages that will help in making the skin heal faster. If you get your hands on anything that is contaminated with the virus, warts will enter inside the body through scrapes and cuts.

6. Don’t shave on warts

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Even though shaving helps you in getting rid of the unwanted hair in no time with minimum effort, shaving over warts can create cuts on the skin that will make the virus spread all over the skin. So, it is better to avoid using razors over warts to prevent the growth of warts on other areas of the skin.