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7 easy tips to take care of your heels while wearing heels in style

Women are very fond of wearing heels for so many different reasons from making their body look slimmer to pulling off the outfit, looking taller and more sophisticated, and making themselves feel more attractive. Even though wearing the heels daily is not recommended for health reasons but there are certain tips that can make you show off the heels in style.

Talesation has shared some tips and techniques that will help you look after your heels in a good way while flaunting your high heels in style.

  1. Take small steps
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The best advice to the girls who wear high heels is to take small and safe steps. There is no need to run or walk too fast when you can easily walk slow and take short steps. Walking confidently while taking short steps will keep the balance and prevent you from falling or other accidents that mostly happen while wearing high heels.

2. Walk nicely with sophistication

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Everyone wishes to walk elegantly while wearing high heels. The best way to walk in style and in a more natural and elegant way is to place the heel on the ground followed by the toe. Putting your feet on the ground this way will show off an elegant walk and make you walk comfortably.

3. Focus the body posture

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Walking in heels comfortably is more than just taking the short steps, the body posture is another important thing to maintain while walking in the heels. All you need to do is to maintain your body balance while walking in the higher heels which will make you walk like the walk in the runaway. The right body posture that will make you get used to of new center of gravity will keep your shoulders back, abdomen straight, and heads high.

4. Plan a special day for heels

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It is suggested by the shoe experts to not wear the same pair of shoes with outfits every day. Especially when you prefer wearing heels, it is better to not wear them every day. It is good to opt for the different types of shoes or change the pair of shoes every single day which will put less pressure on the heels and make you walk comfortably and easily.

5. Wearing pads can be good

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For the sake of great comfort, putting the pads inside your shoes will greatly help in relieving the pressure and supports the overall weight of the body. If you don’t find shoe pads, you can wear non-slippery socks that are also good for relieving pain.

6. Square heels are better than stilettos

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Wearing platforms or square heels is a better and more comfortable option than stilettos. The wide heels of the platform heels give more support and maintain a good balance and put less pressure on feet and toes. Wearing these heels will make it easier for you to walk comfortably for a longer time period.

7. Move around often

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Standing straight in the heels for long hours causes more pain in the feet and makes it difficult for you to move comfortably. Rather than standing in one place for long hours, it is better if you move around and take a break from time to time whenever possible which will help you walk comfortably and relieves your feet.