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7 animals stereotypes that are believed by people

There are scores of stories and tales about the animal kingdom. Every animal in the animal kingdom has some facts and myths that people believe. It is mostly believed by people that dolphins are friendly animals and entertain people so much, owls are wiser, and many more. All these stereotypes that are believed by people are mostly based on ancient culture, kid’s cartoons, and stories of the kids. But at the same time, most of these stereotypes do have not a true base.

Talesation has featured some wrong stereotypes of some animals that are mostly perceived wrong by people.

  1. Crocodiles does not harm
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It is quite very strange to know that most species of crocodiles do not really harm. Rather than attacking humans, most crocodiles prefer to stay away from humans. The crocodile species that are widely known for feeding on human beings include saltwater crocodile and Nile crocodile. Both these species of crocodiles are found in New Guinea, Southeast Asia, Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Soloman Islands.

2. Pigs are not dirty

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Pigs are widely recognized as dirty animals but the truth is quite the very opposite of the fact as pigs are quite very clean animals. As they mostly roll around in the mud, it gives them a filthy appearance. The reason that makes them roll around in the mud as they are unable to relieve from sweat. So, keeping themselves in the mud helps them to stay cool. Also, these animals never pee or poop in the areas where they sleep and eat.

3. Dolphins are harmful

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People love swimming with dolphins as the smiles on the face of these cute water creatures tempt people to have a great experience with these animals. The actual truth behind their cute smiles is that the smile is something very unusual which is often seen on the faces of the animals. Some species of dolphins are safe while others are very aggressive to humans and greatly harm them.

4. Owls are not smart

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The reputation of the owls has always been associated with wisdom but the truth that not everyone knows is that owls are not wiser than any other birds. Most studies have been conducted to find out about this myth perceived by people. The studies revealed that owls possess some great specialties that include super-sensitive hearing, hunting, camouflaging plumage, and unique eyes that greatly help them to catch their prey without any hassle.

5. Snakes are very focused

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Although snakes do not hear, they are quite proficient in sensing the sounds. The footstep of the predators and prey cause vibration in the ground which travels the ground and sends signals to the snaking by causing vibration in the jaw bone of the snakes that makes them quite very attentive. The studies have revealed that snakes are very focused and attentive creatures that can sense sounds through their inner ears.

6. Sloths are the laziest

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Everyone has perceived sloths as the laziest animals on the ground but the truth is quite opposite to this myth. Sloths are not lazy animals but they are actually the slowest animals found on the ground. They possess very little energy which makes them the slowest animals in the world. They do not move very often but move only when they need to sleep and eat. Also, these animals have a very slow metabolism.

7. Elephants are good runners

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The heavy size and weight of the elephants make them quite very good runners on the ground. The weight of the elephants ranges from 6,000 lb to 15,000 lb. Moreover, these giant animals run at a speed of more than 10 mph. According to the researchers, elephants run at this speed with a biomechanical technique by keeping one foot on the ground to maintain their overall balance of the body.