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8 hidden movie details that were not noticed by anyone

The goal of any movie is to capture the audience’s interest in a certain subject. People usually follow the main storyline and adore their favorite celebrity performance while watching movies. But the same movie is worth watching if you watch them twice to make yourself clear about certain moments and hidden messages.

Here is the list of 7 movies that we watched twice and noticed certain things that were not pointed out before.

1. Twilight

http://© Twilight / Summit Entertainment

While watching Twilight, you will notice that Bella used to wear baggy jackets and shirts and had a boyish style at the beginning of the movie. Later, when she started falling for Edward, she started wearing feminine clothes. The costume designer has done this to show the development of the character.

http://© Twilight / Summit Entertainment

There is another interesting fact noticed in the movie. The scene is about Edward where he is holding an apple in his palm. The director of the film referred it to the twilight book cover.

2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

http://© Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / Warner Bros.

Have you ever thought about how Ginny got Tom Riddle’s diary? You can simply find the answer while watching the scene where the Malfoy family met the main heroes of the film in the bookstore. Lucius Malfoy grasps the textbook from Ginny, condemns its appearance, and puts it back. Whereas the reality is quite different, He puts back two books instead of one.

3. Goodfellas

http://© Goodfellas / Warner Bros.

You will see Robert De Niro counting real money in this scene. The actor didn’t like the idea of using fake money so the prop master gave him his own money. Whereas, nobody was allowed to return from the set unless the whole money was counted and returned.

4. Avatar

http://© Avatar / Twentieth Century Fox

You probably have seen Dr. Grace Avatar wearing a top that says, Stanford. However, it was there for a reason. Sigourney Weaver who was starred in this role used to study at Stanford University. Therefore, it’s a sign for the actress’s biography.

5.It chapter two

http://© It Chapter Two / New Line Cinema, © The Shining / Warner Bros.

Take a look at the skateboard pattern. It seems quite similar to the movie The shining. However, the reason is not very strange as both the movies were on Stephen King’s novels.

6. Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

http://© It Chapter Two / New Line Cinema, © The Shining / Warner Bros.

In this movie, you will see White Witch’s ice crown was big and had long and sharp icicles. However, if you notice in the movie finale, the ice crown was small in size. The reason is to reflect that witch was less powerful in the finale as compared to the beginning.

7.No time to die

http://© No Time to Die / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

The streets of the Italian town were covered with Coca Cola where James Bond and his followers raced. 8400-gallon Coke was sprayed on the streets to make it less slippery. The coca-cola costs around $70,000. The cost was too less as the budget for the film was $250 million.  

8. Captain America: Civil War

http://© Captain America: Civil War / Marvel Studios

Those who have watched this movie know that the Shield of Captain America was indestructible and was made of vibranium. However, the shield was seen with big scratches after the fight with Black Panther. The reason for the big scratches is very simple as the Black Panther shield was also made with Vibranium. It is easy to damage a shield made of the same material.