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Reasons that you need to know about the fastest growth of your facial hair

Some women seemed to have light hair on their face while on the other hand, some women have quite thicker and denser hair on their face. The women who suffer from the dense growth of the hair on their faces are associated with the condition known as hirsutism. Women who are suffering from this condition have excess growth of hair on their bodies and face. The good thing is that there are scores of ways to get rid of this fast-growing facial hair by avoiding the factors that contribute to causing this condition.

Talesation has shared some reasons behind the excessive and rapid growth of hair on the face.

  1. Increased exposure to BPA
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The receipt that you get after paying for the groceries or anything else contains high amount of bisphenol A or BPA which is a powerful endocrine disrupter that contributes well in disturbing your hormones. The BPA content in the receipt is 250 to 1000 times greater than that found in the canned food.

This dangerous chemical can enter the body through skin and affects the endocrine system and reproductive system, both of which lead to causing unwanted hair. BPA is also found on other products such as toilet paper, water bottles, and napkins, etc.

2. No time for exercise

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No matter how tough your life is, making time for workout actually helps decreasing the growth of facial hair. Being overweight cause hormonal imbalance and increase the growth of unwanted hair on upper lips and chin. It is always good to get rid of the unwanted hair by starting doing different exercises such as walking and swimming that makes a great difference.

3. Eating fish too often

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Even though eating fish particularly salmon is quite very good for your health as it contributes well to increasing protein content in the body that is actually good, but at the same time, eating more than often increase the growth of facial hair. Fishes like mackeral and salmon increase the level of testosterone level in the body that contributes to increased growth of facial hair.

4. A day without coffee

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Coffee lovers find it hard to give up the habit of starting a day with a cup of coffee to remain active all day long. Even it makes you feel energized but drinking coffee too often increase the level of testosterone in the body. According to a study it was revealed that taking coffee regularly up to 4 weeks boost the production of testosterone. To get rid of this, it is better to opt for a cup of decaf that contains less amount of caffeine and decrease the chance of facial growth.

5. Feeling too stressed

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Living a life free of stress is quite very impossible. Living constantly under pressure and feeling stressed too often leads to disturbing the hormone balance in the body which negatively affects the health of the body. This negative impact on the health increase the growth of unwanted hair on the face.

6. Having inadequate sleep

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Not having enough amount of sleep at night also negatively affects the body and cause hormonal imbalance. This effect on the body cause excessive growth of the facial hair. So, it is always good to have enough amount of sleep every night to avoid hormonal imbalance in the body.