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My sister tricked me to attend her wedding without my boyfriend as they are not engaged

Life can really turn into a disaster if your family does not approve of your partner. At any time when you bring your special one to your family’s special occasion, you are constantly thinking about what are they going to say to you. Sometimes your family goes to such an extent that they trick you into coming up to a special occasion without your partner for all the weird reasons.

Jane, one of our readers, was involved in a frustrating situation when her sister tricked her to attend her wedding without her boyfriend for all the lame reasons one could ever hear. This is the message sent to us by Jane.

Our team at Talesation has helped Jane to get out of this family problem by advising her on some tips.

Speak to your sister Lydia: Tell her that she hurt your feelings by sending the invitation like this. Tell her that she could have been honest with you rather than fooling you by this trick of hers. Being honest might help in thinking about the possible situation.

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Think about what is important: In this situation when things are not going according to your way, it is better to think about what is more important. At the times like this, family relationships can be really hard sometimes. If you think that your relationship with your partner Mike is something that matters to you a lot, talk to your family and ask them to behave politely, friendly, and patiently towards your partner.

Listen to your sister too: The situation might annoy you but it is good that you listen to your sister’s perspective too. Sometimes when we really care for our partners, we become blinded by all the emotions in our relationship that made us ignorant of the facts in our relationship. You can ask your sister what she does not like about you and your partner. The chances are quite possible that she tell something that you have not noticed.

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Ask your sister and her husband to know Mike: Plan a dinner or a picnic for all four of you so that you could have a good time together. Planning this way will help Lydia and her husband to bond well with Mike and could help well in changing their perspectives. Moreover, looking you happy around Mike could also change their mindset.

Set the boundaries: You can also set some limits if Lydia is still distancing herself from Mike. Tell your sister that you are going to bring Mike with you whenever there is a family occasion, in this way, everyone will find a way to bond with Mike. You can spend time with your sister so that you could solve your problem. Moreover, it will also make you both sisters closer.

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