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7 ingenious ways to keep yourself safe while being chased

Everyone faces weird situations when they are being followed by chasers regardless of the different times of the day. There is absolutely no doubt that this situation can make anyone fear more or make one more anxious. To keep ourselves safe from all these different situations, it is always better to take important actions to keep ourselves away from these situations.

Talesation has shared some smart tricks that will keep you safe while being alone.

  1. Carry a pocket alarm safety to keep your surroundings aware

While you are traveling solo, always be mindful to carry a pocket alarm clock. The pocket alarm clock comes in handy when you are walking on your own and wants to get the attention of the onlookers so they could help you.

2. Walk with a group

If you want to make yourself less noticeable while being chased or followed, it is always good to start walking behind a group that will make the others feel that you are not alone. This will made the other person think that there is someone who could help you. If you are shopping alone at a mall or doing laundry at the laundromat, you can leave the place with the group to make the followers seem that you are not alone.

3. Enter any shop or an ATM nearby while being followed

If you are being followed by someone at night, the best thing you could do is enter any ATM that happens to be on your way. The security guards outside and the CCTVs will never make anyone attack you. Or you can also stop by any shop on the way and let them know your whole situation.

4. Keep a pair of men’s shoes at the front door

This trick works best to inform others that you are not alone in the house and live with a man. Keeping a pair o shoes outside the main door will make the followers less likely to harm you and keep you safe.

5. Prefer going by elevator rather than a staircase

Going by a staircase is always an unsafe option when you are going anywhere alone. Therefore, it is always better to prefer going by stairs rather than an elevator. You can press all the buttons of an elevator in case you need to exit in an emergency.

6. Place tin cans and squeaky toys in front of the main door

Taking extra precautions is never a bad idea. It is always better to place squeak toys or tin cans in front of all the doors and windows at your home. This will keep you alert and cautious in case anyone tries to break into your house. Moreover, it is always good to change your door locks and security codes very often.

7. Prepare an emergency bag in case of an emergency

Always be mindful about making your bag ready in case of an emergency if you need to move to a safer place. Always keep important belonging in your emergency bag like clothes, a brush, a pair of shoes, important files, and your ID.