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Easy style tips on making your looks fresh the whole day

Coming up with the new ideas to wear the same clothes over and over again to pull off the stylish look of the same outfit is quite very challenging and takes too much thought. Rather than spending money on new outfits, it is better to have a creative mind that will greatly help in sprucing up your style.

Talesation has shared a list of some easy tips and tricks to modernize your everyday outfits in a more fashionable way.

  1. Extra long sleeves

There is nothing more frustrating than the extra-long sleeves that slide down your arms over and over again. If you got a sweater, coat, or jacket that has extra-long sleeves, there is a very easy trip that will keep the hassle out of your long sleeves. All you need to do is to tie a rubber band around your sleeves around the wrist and pull over your sleeve in an upward direction from the elbow and hide the rubber band by covering it with the cloth.

2. Folding the shirt’s turtleneck

Turtlenecks are the favorite winters clothing of people. But the only thing that keeps them struggling is to fold the turtleneck in a neat manner to make it look clean. An easy and quick way to do this is to fold both sides of the shirt with a turtleneck within the downward direction towards the chest. This will make both the collars meet. Or, you can also choose to fold the turtleneck inside to give a more defined style.

3. Use the necklaces of the same length

Wearing combined necklaces is the ongoing fashion trend that has inspired many women. But the most irritating thing about the necklaces that seems quite irritating and annoyed is when the chains get tangled with each other. You can get rid of this tangling issue getting two necklaces of the same length, unclasp them, and then rejoining each end of the chain to the opposing chain. At the end, tie the necklaces around the neck. This will help in getting rid of the tangles.

4. Wide-waisted short skirt

If your all-time favorite mini skirt is too loose around the waiste, one of the best things to do to make it fit you is to make use of a shoelace. First of all, tie the shoelace around the waiste followed by folding the skirt’s waistband in half and turnover the crease inside the skirt over the shoelace. The tight shoelace around the waiste will keep the skirt tight.

5. A different way to style a tank top

Tank tops have become the must-added piece of cloth in every women’s wardrobe. The best thing about this is that it can be styled in so many different ways to pull off the different looks in a strikingly appealing manner. To style a tank top in a different way, crisscross both the straps of the tank top around the neck for a totally different style.

6. A stylish way to style a long cardigan

If the extra long length of your cardigan does not look good on you, make it look better by restyling it in a unique way to make it look more attractive and stylish. There is a different way to style the cardigan with the buttons on the front end. Fasten the buttons of the cardigan leaving behind the last two opened. Fasten the last button into the button hole of the upper button and in the other one, fasten the second-last one into the last hole of the button. This will give a new look to the cardigan and pull off your looks.

7. Dropping tights

There is nothing more awkward than the tights that keeps slipping again and again when you are standing in the crowd of people. To avoid this awkward situation, simply wear another underwear over the tights to keep your tights falling down again and again. This will keep your hands free from constantly pulling up your tights.