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7 times our favorite movie actors got replaced by the stunt doubles

Different stunts in the movies were performed by double stunts for so many different reasons. Where the actors in the movies are unable to perform a particular stunt or have some other concerns, the stunt doubles were hired for fulfilling the different roles. The stunt doubles are made to look exactly like the real characters so that the viewers got recognize them.

Talesation has shared the shots of the different scenes from the movies where the scenes were performed by stunt doubles.

  1. Titanic
http://© Titanic / 20th Century Fox

This is a movie scene from titanic where both Jack and Rose were trying to save a boy by running away from the water that was fastly approaching them. In this scene, a close shot of Rose made her look very strange as if she was wearing a face mask. Which was really a mask. Here the face of the Rose was edited with the help of computer graphics.

2. Moonraker

http://© Moonraker / Les Productions Artistes Associés

In the movie Moonraker, the villain character in the movie had a steel tooth before jumping off from the helicopter. However, during this scene when the shot was closer, it was seen that the teeth turned white. Not just the tooth but the whole appearance was seen changed. This reveals that this jumping stunt was performed by the stunt doubles.

3. Twilight

http://© Twilight / Summit Entertainment

A closer look at this scene of the series when Edward and Bella were running through the woods revealed that it was not them who were running. But it was stunt doubles who were made to look like them and performed the stunt.

4. The Avengers

http://© The Avengers / Marvel Studios

The black widow in the movie seems to perform a brilliant acrobatic trick during the scene of questioning. But the twist lies here too that this trick was also performed by a stunt double. In this scene, a very unfamiliar face was shown with very muscular hands on the black widow clearly depicting that this was not really Johansson.

5. Game of Thrones

http://© Game of Thrones / HBO

In season 5 of Game of Throne, Cersei Lannister got punished for her unethical behavior. In order to save herself from the punishment, she was asked to cut her hair and make the walk of shame. After the shooting of the movie was completed, it was revealed that there was a body double of Lena Headey with Lena’s head edited on the body with computer graphics who was actually walking nude.

6. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

http://© Terminator 2: Judgment Day / Carolco Pictures

In the famous scene of The Terminator 2 where John Connor and Terminator were trying to make an escape from the police, a close shot at the scene reveals that it was not actually Arnold Schwarzenegger who was seen riding the motorcycle in the scene. Different scenes in the movie are performed by stunt doubles including Peter Kent, Billy D. Lucus, and Normen Howell.

7. Star Trek: The Next Generation

http://© Star Trek: The Next Generation / Paramount Television Studios

In Star Trek in one of the scenes from the combat, it was found that the captain shown in the scene was not actually Jean-Luc Picard but a stunt double. This becomes identified with his unusual hair. Most stunts for Patrick Stewart were stunt doubled by Tim Storms.