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8 facts that indicate why Miss Universe is the most famous beauty Pageant

Miss Universe is run by the US-based Miss Universe Organization and it is the most famous beauty pageant throughout the world. The winning miss universe wins the most expensive crown along with other prizes. There have been many memorable moments attached to this event and they are still relevant.

We have talesation have gathered several interesting stories about this beauty event and we would share them with you so that you can enjoy them too.

1. Many queens have lost their crowns

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3 winners of the miss universe could not take over the title for the longest time as they gave up the crown and were stripped off by the miss organization itself. In 1974, the Spanish representative namely Amparo Munoz won the first position and resigned after 6 months of winning the competition.

In 2002, Oxana Fedorova was removed after 4 months of winning the competition. Whereas, in the year 2015, a Colombian winner Ariadna Gutierrez lost the crown as she made a mistake while announcing the winner.

2. Venezuela candidates won the title in times in a row

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Venezuela candidates won the title of the miss universe for two consecutive years. The name of beautiful winner was Dayana Mendoza who won the title in 2008 and Estefania Fernandez in the next year.

3. There was an age limit set for participants

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The miss universe organization set minimum and maximum age for the participants to compete for the title. The current rules for the pageant are a minimum of 18 years and should not exceed the age limit above 28 years.

4. The winners were crowned in the bath suits

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The ball gowns for the winners were not in the rule before the 1960s. Before this decade, the beauty queens were crowned wearing bath suits.

5. Mexico has won thrice wearing red outfits

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Mexico has won three titles with the models wearing red dresses in the final parade. The crown was won by Lupita Jones in 1991, Ximena Navarrete won the crown in 2010, and Andrea Meza won the crown in 2020. All of these winners have red dresses in common.

6. Attempt for Sabotage was made

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It is very difficult for anyone to win the title of Miss Universe. The attempted sabotage was experienced by the candidate from Puerto Rico. The clothes and belongings of Ingrid Marie Rivera were sprayed with pepper spray while she was competing to win the title in 2008. The attempt made against her was unsuccessful and she ended up winning the crown.

7. Wearing costume gala is a tradition

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There were several events in the competition in which the participants portrays their talents and wears their national costumes for the show. In this event, participants wore costumes that were aligned with their country of origin. This tradition has been held for 60 years.

8. Shortest and tallest winners


Miss Universe has always set new records in history. The tallest height was recorded with 6’2” of Amelia Vega from the Dominican Republic. Whereas, the shortest height recorded was 5’3” of Apasra Hongsakula from Thailand and Luz Marina Zuluaga from Colombia.