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8 secrets of beautiful manes from the past that will make you take good care of your hair

It is very essential to follow a good hair care routine to stay away from hair problems. We can easily find hair care products according to our hair type to ensure good hair health. However, the variety and range of products were not healthy in the past as compare today but that doesn’t mean that people in past don’t care about their manes.

We at talesation have found out how people in the past took care of their hair without using modern hair care products and we have really worth telling methods that can also help you maintain your hair as healthy as possible.

Bricks were used for hair care products

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We have found out an interesting recipe for hair growth in a digest from the 17th century. The hair product is made from fresh yellow wax and crushed red brick. As per an unknown author, the oil had worked wonders and had a magical effect on those who were having hair loss.

They were using Swallow droppings for styling hair

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 People used natural products to style their hair in the past. There is information that indicates that our ancestors used to style their hair with lizard tallow and swallow droppings.

They used ash to clean their hair

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The people from the Indonesian island of Java used to burn dried rice stalks and soak those ashes in the water and leave them overnight. Later, they wash their hair with this solution and do conditioning in their hair with coconut oil.

They protect their hair from rats by wearing cages

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Women used lard to arrange their hair back in the days of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I. For this purpose, women used to sleep in their nightcaps to protect their hair from rats.

They risk their health during depilation

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Women used to remove body hair in ancient Egypt and Roman Empire. For instance, queen Cleopatra did sugaring. There were other methods used for this purpose too.

A special mineral known as orpiment was used as means for depilation for many centuries. This solution cause poisoning if it’s applied to damaged skin.

Barbers put their fingers in their customer’s mouth

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It was impossible to remove hair from the face before the use of a safety razor. American Barbers used to put their fingers in their customer’s mouths while shaving in the 19th century. The reason was to protect their client from face injuries by keeping their face stretched and unfold.

They wash their hair once a year

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Our ancestors thought that water is not good for them to stay healthy. Therefore, they used to wash their hair once a year because taking bath in a cool environment increases the chances for them to get sick. The English writer confessed that he washed his hair once a year by using warm water.

They replaced combing with washing

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At the beginning of the 17th century in England, ladies used to rub their heads with the help of linen cloth to cleanse their hair. Later, a combing blanket was over their shoulders which protects their clothes from dirt. After that, they finally started combing their hair.

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The comb was also used to get rid of lice, dirt, and dandruff from the hair. It was also used for styling purposes. To extend the life of the comb, they used to put the comb in a special case.