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7 common mistakes that people do with their cars

There are some people who take care of their cars like their babies. And then there come people who don’t even bother to look after their cars in a proper way as a result of which they keep rushing to the repair shops. To keep the car in the best aesthetic condition, it is always good to take proper care of the car.

Talesation has shared some most neglected things that people often do with their cars.

  1. Not paying attention to windshield wipers
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When it comes to washing the car, people often overlook the washing of the windshield wipers. Everyone needs to wash these for better visibility, especially during the rainy weather. Sometimes, dust, small stones, and dirt got stuck in the windshield wipers that causing scratches in the glass that affects the overall look of the car.

2. Using water rather than antifreeze

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Some people use water as the main coolant in their cars and do not use antifreeze. However, people should consider using antifreeze whose distinctive characteristics make the proper functioning of the cars. The higher boiling point and antioxidant properties of the antifreeze make the ideal functioning of the engine.

3. Not covering the car from the weather

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Keeping the cars protected from the rain, UV rays, and other external factors indoors is not always possible. It is therefore advised to cover the cars with the covers that protect the cars from external factors and allow air to pass through them. Moreover, it will also protect the car from discoloration and makes it look new.

4. Cleaning the windshields with household glass cleaners

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Many household cleaners contain harmful chemicals like ammonia which is quite very harmful to the different parts of the car. Therefore, it is always better to use microfiber cloths that are designed particularly for automobiles. Cleaning with distilled water will help in the neat cleaning of the car windows.

5. Not checking the cars from the underside

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For every part of the car that is visible and not visible, it is important to take care of both parts of the car. Different external factors such as excessive dust, sand, water, salt, and other things can cause damage to the underside of the car. Therefore, it is always important to use special protectors and lubricants that help with repelling moisture and dust and protects the wheels of the cars from corrosion.

6. Not using the car for a longer time period

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It is not always good to leave the car stationary for a longer time period. Therefore, it is necessary to move the car occasionally. If you have not been using the car for more than a month, it is better to leave the car to someone who can start your car at least once a week. Keeping the engine running for 10-15 minutes will help with recharging the battery and lubricating the engine.

7. Ignoring the car cleanliness

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Cleaning the car is the first and foremost thing to do to keep the car safe from external factors. Different external factors such as moisture and dust damage the paint of the car which makes it look untidy and uncleaned. Cleaning is not always good from the outside but the internal cleaning of the car is also important.