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7 inconspicuous physical differences in men’s and women’s bodies

From our body cells to our body organs, everything in our body is influenced by our gender. This is not only due to the reason that both men and women have a hormonal difference in their bodies but the body cells and DNA interpret distinctively.

Talesation has shared the key differences that are different in both the bodies of women and men.

  1. Different sizes of heart

Everyone knows that there is a physical difference in both men and women and this also includes the size of their hearts. Men have a significantly larger size of the heart as compared to women which is the reason that their heartbeats are slower. The average rate of heartbeats in men is 70 and 72 beats per minute. However, the heartbeat of women every minute is between 78 and 82.

2. Different tastebuds

Women have more taste buds as compared to men and have the potential to taste more accurately than men. Women can taste every kind of flavor like sourness, sweetness, bitterness, saltness, etc., especially during the period of pregnancy. This strong sense of taste makes them supertaster. 35% of women actually tend to be supertasters. However, women who are fertile tend to have a more powerful taste than older or younger women.

3. Different hearing abilities

According to research, men have 5 and a half times more chances to lose their hearing as compared to women. But this theory does not prove in newborns. This might be due to the difference in the lifestyles of both men and women as men are more likely to expose to risk for cardiovascular diseases and noise. However, women have more hearing ability than men but this usually decreases with the age.

4. Different processes of healing

When it comes to injury or skin wounds, men have a slower healing process as compared to women due to an increased testosterone level in the body. Older men tend to heal slower as compared to older women. However, women tend to show more symptoms after a concussion.

5. Faster fat buildup

Increased level of testosterone in the body makes it easier for men to lose bodyweight. Women tend to have more body fat around 6-11% due to pregnancy. No matter even if women eat fewer calories than men throughout the day, they will still have more body fat.

6. Different sense of smell

The study reveals that the olfactory center in women has 50% more neurons which makes them have a better smelling sense as compared to men. This is also true in the case of newborns. Modern study reveals that people can even smell someone’s personality. Not just this but the smell of men’s hormones over women is 10,000 times higher. Women feel sicker and become more sensitive to smelling strong perfume or paint.

7. Sizes of hands make a difference

According to research, people with smaller fingers have a stronger sense of touch. As women have smaller hands than men, they tend to have a more defined sense of touch. The more sensory receptors in the small hands are the reason behind this. However, at the same time, men with small fingers are more likely to have a better sense of touch as compared to women with bigger fingers.