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5 things that can happen to your hair when you stop using shampoo

The harmful chemicals in the shampoos are making people ditch them and opt for natural ways to cleanse their hair thoroughly. This approach is referred to as no-poo that has nothing to do with the toilet. But the poo is a small term used for shampoo. However, people who believe in this method tells that it makes their hair healthy, shiny, and more beautiful.

Talesation has shared the amazing health effects for the hair if you stop using a shampoo that actually helps with making the hair super healthy.

  1. The healthier scalp
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No matter, using the favorite shampoo to wash the hair make the squeaky clean hair but having a little sebum on the scalp is not really bad. An adequate amount of oil produced by the scalp keeps the hair naturally hydrated and healthy. As shampoos are meant to remove excess amount of oil from the hair, overusing shampoo can actually make the scalp dry and cause damage to your hair.

2. The fuller hair

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Scores of haircare products in the market promise to add volume to the hair but using no shampoo for the hair can actually help you achieve that. Using so many products with harsh chemicals can cause damage to the hair and takes a long time to recover. So, it is always better to stop using hair care products that are made using harmful chemicals as it will help in making the hair stronger, fuller, and more beautiful.

3. Less oily hair

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Using shampoo while washing the hair is actually meant to remove oil from the hair. But using shampoo way too often makes the hair look too oily. Each time when the hair is washed with shampoo, it affects the scalp skin and product more amount of sebum to soothe the skin.

4. No hair styling products

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Regardless of the different shampoo brands that convince people to use the shampoos for making the hair look more beautiful, it is better to not use such hair products for retaining the better texture of the hair. The amount of oil and sebum produced by the scalp is actually good for the locks. However, washing them out is not good for the hair which makes it difficult to style the hair.

5. Less exposure to harsh chemicals

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Everyone’s favorite shampoo with good fragrances might smell amazing but the unhealthy ingredients in it that give off the pleasant smell might be very irritating and harmful. These chemicals can actually cause damage to the hair and skin in the long run. Sulfates and phthalates can make the scalp dry, cause irritation to the skin, and disrupt the hormonal balance. Rather than using shampoo, it is better to use coconut oil to cleanse the hair.