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7 strangest things ever found by Airport Security Control

Everyone is well aware of the fact that the airport security controls are very well recognized for their well-established work and extremely rigid rules. However, then there come people who highly underestimate the rules for getting across the border.

Talesation has shared the list of some bizarre things that people have tried their best to smuggle across the border.

  1. A number of iPhone bodies

This incident happened in 2014 back in China. Airport Security Controls happened to witness a strange thing when a metal detector detected the man who had strapped 94 iPhones around his body whose intentions were to sell the phones at a higher price.

2. 51 tropical fishes

http://© Australian Customs Service

At Melbourne International Airport in 2005, the security control officer witnessed a strange thing with a woman who was trying to smuggle 51 tropical fish under her skirt. She was revealed by the police inspector.

3. 4 grenades

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One of the passengers on his way to the flight tried to make an escape with 4 grenades packed in his luggage. Thankfully, the police officer goes through all of his belongings and found the grenades. The officer ensured everyone’s security and got the passenger arrested.

4. Dead snakes

http://© TSA

Back in 2007 at Atlanta International Airport, a man from South Korea got caught when his luggage was found stuffed with bottles and jars containing dead venomous snakes. Nobody came to know the reason for his extremely strange act.

5. $1.2 million in gold bars

This happened to be found from regular routine cleaning of a flight that was meant to travel from Mumbai to Bangkok. This surprising act was found in the bathroom on the airplane. 24 gold bars were discovered during the cleaning routine. However, this did not seem to be too much surprising as India is the largest gold consumer around the world.

6. 200 tarantulas

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At Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the security officers found something really very strange. A bag from a German couple was confiscated which was containing 200 plastic bags each of them containing tarantulas. The couple was trying to make it to their home in South America.

7. Chastity belt

At the airport in Athens, a British woman was caught when she was making her way through the metal detector. The detector detected a chastity belt she was wearing during her vacation as a fidelity guarantee for her husband.