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7 rules our parents used to follow that can confuse you

Back in time, parents had no idea about raising their kids as they had no access to the internet or the books that can help them with this. When there was nothing like this that parents can use to teach their children about the different aspects of life, they had to make them learn with their real-life experiences. That is the reason that there is nothing surprising about the fact that parents’ thoughts can never be changed and it might puzzle today’s generation children.

Talesation has shared the list of rules that today’s generation of children and adults believe that it should not be taught to them.

  1. Being chubby is healthy

Children who have the habit of finishing their meal on time were always praised and being chubby was perceived to be quite healthy. However, at the same time, bad eating habits in children lead to eating disorders and weight problems.

2. Money doesn’t bring happiness

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Everyone wishes this to be true but this is not really the fact as experiences say something else. Parents should teach this thing to their children rather they should make them learn the basics of budgeting. This will help children in keeping the balance between their savings and spending. Moreover, the right management of the money makes them financially stable and successful.

3. Men are breadwinners and women are housewives

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This is the concept that was mostly perceived in the past. However, the truth is quite opposite of the past. Today, there is no gender discrimination when it comes to earnings. Women and men can equally earn for themselves to meet their needs. Women can build their careers and men can opt for paternity leaves to help their wives with the house chores.

4. Raising children without a husband is no shame

There is nothing bad about being a single mother but this is something that was often shamed in the past. Today, this is an informed decision that the mother makes of raising her children without her husband. However, in the past 30 years, the ratio of single fathers increased to 1.5 times.

5. Being thrifty is important

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In the past when people had not had enough money to spend their lives, children were asked to be careful with their things. People had the habit of using things on time, not before the time. However, today, people can buy their most important things no matter even it is not needed.

6. Opening up the feelings is a weakness

It is often perceived in the past that opening up your feelings to the children like loving them too much and not preventing them from bad habits could spoil the children. It was believed that the parents who did not get too much love from their parents do not love their children too much.

7. Both men and women should know their work

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It was taught to children that they should be able to do tiny house chores like sewing or repairing. However, today, with the advancement of time, people can easily hire workers to fulfilling their needs.