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Celebrity daughters who inherited their parent’s talent

It is often seen that the celebrity’s children are as talented as their children. They gain the same recognition, success, and fame as their parents. Talesation has shared the list of celebrities children who are equally famous and successful as their parents.

  1. Paul and Stella McCartney
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The famous English singer and songwriter Paul McCartney is blessed with five children. Among all his children, Stella McCartney came out to have the real talent as his father. Not in music but Stella is a famous fashion designer. Also, she won the award at the British Fashion Awards.

2. Steven and Liv Tyler

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Liv Tyler has always been very attached to the friend of her mother Steven who is the leading singer of Aerosmith. In her teenage, she came to find out that he was her real father. Both the father and daughter look exactly alike.

3. Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne

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The daughter of the famous rockstar Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne has the same popularity as her father. The Osbourne family was so admired among the people that the reality show was aired on their name The Osbourne. Elton John is the godfather of Kelly Osbourne.

4. Francis and Sophia Coppola

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When Sophia Cappola became the film director, her work was compared to the famous producer and director Francis Cappola. Nothing can compare to her father’s film The Godfather. But Sophia’s famous film Lost in Translation won two Oscar awards.

5. Henry and Jane Fonda

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Jane Fonda shared that her only influence is her father. The early years of Jane’s career were quite very disturbing due to her parent’s divorce and her mother’s suicide. Both these incidents left marks on the personality of Jane. However, it also greatly affected her relationships with the people.

6. Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson

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Kurt Russell is a stepfather of Kate Hudson but she is very thankful to him for their happy childhood. He had always prioritized his family in his whole family. She shared that her love for her father is unmeasurable and unparalleled which made their lives.

7. Don and Dakota Johnson

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Dakota Johnson became caught everyone’s eyes after the lead and main role in Fifty Shades of Grey. Not just this but her fame also surfaced due to her parents Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith who were the face of Miami Vice. Her grandmother Tippi Hedren and stepfather Antonio Banderas helped her begin her career in the film industry.