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7 useful period hacks that every girl should know

Periods are tough on every woman. None of the females want to suffer the intense pain that spreads around the back, thighs, and other parts of the body. As much as women are looking into different things to ease the period pain as much they are looking for hygiene products to spend the period days effortlessly and pain-free.

Talesation has shared some useful period hacks that every girl should know to make their periods free of pain.

  1. A hot sock or hot bag
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When you suffer an intense cramp around the lower abdomen, it is better to use a hot bag or bottle filled with water or a handmade hot sock filled with rice. Microwave it for a few minutes prior to using it.

2. Menstrual cup

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Why use sanitary pads or tampons when there are menstrual cups which are extremely hygienic products. The cups are made from medical silicone which is not just 99% leakproof but also very safe over other alternatives.

3. Potassium enriched food

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Potassium enriched food such as bananas is known to be very effective to help with intense cramps. Eating potassium enriched food will make it easy to pass these days.

4. Zero caffeine

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It is medically proven that caffeine makes menstrual pain and cramps even worse. It is better to make decaf coffee that has major caffeine components removed. So rather than taking regular coffee with a high caffeine ratio, switch to decaf coffee during the period week.

5. Period kit

Take the hassle out of buying every different thing individually and make a purchase for a period kit that contains everything essential for periods. Moreover, the best thing is that these kits contain hygiene products that are safe to use during periods.

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6. Doing Yoga

Rather than sticking to painkillers throughout the periods, some women prefer doing yoga during periods. Doing yoga is what is mostly prescribed by doctors as it helps with relaxing and meditating.

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7. Painkillers

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When everything fails to relieve the period pain, there is nothing better than taking painkillers that helps greatly with easing the period pain. It is better to do some proper research on the painkillers for intense body pain during periods.