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8 famous cosmetic products that are quite very useless

Sometimes marketing of the different cosmetic products is done in such a way that it becomes successful in winning the trust of the people. After being convinced by such types of advertisements, we become ready to make a purchase for different cosmetic products that promise to show their desirable results. But in reality, they are quite very useless and a waste of money.

Talesation has shared a list of some famous cosmetic products whose marketing has won the trust of quite a large number of females but failed to deliver any promised result.

  1. Split end treatments
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Even though every female wants to get rid of the dead split ends but there is actually no cosmetic treatment or remedy that can sort out these hair split end problems. There are some serums and balms that promise to show visible results but this does not help too. The only way to get rid of them is to get a haircut.

2. Body lotion, foot cream, and hand cream

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Another myth that is circulated by most beauty brands is that the different parts of the body need different types of creams. The face, hands, and feet require special care. But everyone tends to use the same cream for all the parts of the body. The fact is, all moisturizers and lotions work in the same way and can be used for both body and hands.

3. Dandruff shampoo

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Dandruff in the hair is mostly the cause of the poor working of the sebaceous glands. An ordinary shampoo that promises to help you get rid of this hair problem not actually helps with this. Rather, it makes your scalp dry. To get rid of this hair dandruff, make use of a special medicated shampoo that actually helps fight this.

4. Lip Balm

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It is mostly labeled on the lip balms that the lip balms help the best in making your lips hydrated and moisturized. Although it is true with some brands’ products it does not go with every product. Some lip balms contain alcohols that dry out the lip skin. To get rid of the dry lip skin, use vaseline or beeswax with a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil.

5. Cuticle oil

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Although using a few drops of some special oil is the best way to get a quality manicure once the oil is absorbed, all the results disappear, bringing no use. If you really want a good quality manicure, try using basic natural oils or cosmetic vaseline.

6. Tissue masks

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Tissue face masks are not completely useless but they really help with making the skin softer, moisturized, and beautiful. But rather than getting the tissue masks, you can use the face creams that also help in achieving the same results.

7. Shaving cream

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Before the emergence of the shower gels, shaving creams were used on which razors were applied to get rid of the body hair. Shaving creams were basically used for softening the hair follicles so that the razor can easily be used over the skin. But since shower gels contain more moisturizing ingredients, it is better to prefer shower gels over shaving creams.

8. Facial toner

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Facial toners are believed to be an important product for the skincare routine that helps with cleansing. However, a cleansing soap is much more effective than facial toners as it does not contain alcohol and does not make your skin dry out.