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7 Hacks that can avoid your home from danger

Life hacks are so important in our today’s busy life as they are the actual lifesavers for so many people. These hacks also prevent robberies. Once we know how thieves plan out the whole process then we can choose to change our habits to stay safe. It is also important to know some practical safety tips to keep ourselves safe from such tragedies.

We at talesation have compiled the list of the most incredible and simple hacks that will actually improve your safety and life. Now keep your life sorted without worrying while leaving the house.

1. Use contact names wisely

This is the most important tip as most of us are doing this in our lives. We use the pet name for our special contact on our cellphone which makes it easy for fraudsters to identify the specific person. These fraudsters can use that contact to ask for personal information. It can also lead to disclosing your bank details or any other information.

2. Avoid leaving GPS in the car

This tip can prevent you from the biggest tragedy. Simply remove the GPS system from the car while you’re leaving the car for long-term parking. Thieves can take advantage of breaking into your car and operating GPS to reach out to your home. However, it’s an open invitation to thieves to break into your house while you’re away.

3. Put out a grease fire safely

Grease fires are extremely dangerous as these fires spread fast. If you see grease fire in your pan, then grab a metal lid instantly by sliding it at the top of the pan until it’s close, and turn off the burner. Wait for the pan to cool down and remove the lid. Avoid placing the lid directly above as the flame will start burning if you will lift it again.

4. Mats are safer than tablecloths

Tablecloths give your table a pleasing look by serving both decorative and aesthetic functions. However, this good-looking table can also be a little dangerous. The level of danger is especially true if your tablecloth is very flammable. If you’re placing candles on the tablecloth then be careful as if the candle gets over the then you may run into a difficult situation.

5. Don’t leave expensive empty boxes outside your house

Avoid leaving expensive empty packaging boxes outside your house as it clearly advertises what belongings you are using in your home. This is something most people are unaware of, as they leave empty boxes outside their homes to get them picked up from the garbage truck. It gives an indication of what expensive things you have at your house. Therefore, don’t leave them outside and put them into a garbage collector.

6. Teach your dog to identify fire or smoke alarm

This tip is very effective for everyone who owns a dog. You simply have to make sure that your dog should find you every time your smoke alarm sets out. On the off chance, if your house causes a smoke alarm or fire, the dog will run back to you by keeping both of you safe.

7. Avoid leaving old newspapers on your doorstep

This action can make the thieves look into your house as it gives signals that you are away from your house for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to remove the old newspapers from the doorstep by making an agreement with your neighbors to collect everything that is delivered to your doorstep.