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7 body parts that reveal your intelligence level

Everyone is well aware of the most common stereotype that a person who wears glasses is quite very intelligent. A study from Edinburgh also claimed this truth. As per science, there are many ways that a person’s special features reveal how really smart they are. Not just this, but there are other many stereotypes that are believed by people.

Talesation has shared a list of some particular body parts that reveal a person’s high intelligence level as per the science.

  1. Less symmetrical ears
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According to a study, a person who has fewer symmetry in the ears meaning one ear lobe or finger larger than their twins is the kind of person who makes better leaders and is the person who avoids self-interest. The unusual body parts cause people to develop their stability.

2. A pointed chin

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A person who is recognized for having a sharply pointed chin reveals how smart a person is. A pointed and smaller chin shows that a person is quite intelligent. However, a big chin shows that a person is less than smart.

3. A big head

People are always thinking about the big size of their heads. A larger size of head contributes to intelligence and makes one smarter. This is not due to the reason that they think a lot but the lower neuron density in the brain lets the brain works more efficiently and smartly.

4. Body hair

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It is believed that men with thicker hair on their bodies tend to have large IQ levels. Moreover, men with heavy hair growth are found to be more intelligent and better students. A study conducted on American medical students revealed that almost half of the male trainee doctors were quite very hairy.

5. Large breasts

As per a study, women with large-sized breasts are more intelligent than the others. Not only just women with large breast tends to have more intelligence level but women with medium-sized breasts also have good intelligence as compared to women with small breast size.

6. Average weight

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The weight of the body makes a great deal of difference in another way. One study found that obese women and men often have less grey and white matter in their brains in the needed areas.

7. Left-handed

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People who are left-handed on average have a bigger corpus callosum that is greatly involved in processing the information efficiently and faster. Moreover, they also have a more developed right-brain hemisphere.